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  1. surfinchina

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.2

    Beta 2. No problems on the rig described in the sig.
  2. I remember back in the day when they moved from RISC to CISC chip. I think the last RISC they used was 68040? Anyway, after they moved it pretty well signalled the end of ARMs desktop computer chips and all manner of other computers stagnated - like Atari, Commodore, Acorn and I guess a few others. It'd be a MASSIVE undertaking to now develop a RISC chip to rival the i7 or i9 intel and to put it into production, just for Apple. Apples reasons for making the change originally still stand (mainly hitching a ride on the continued development of CISC, low price (comparatively speaking) because of high volume and compatibility of the various 'support' chips). So I'll believe it when I see it. For now I think it's just some Apple guy taking a trip down memory lane...
  3. surfinchina

    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    Yes true, but the root cause of the fan issues (in my opinion) is that it's not using a discrete GPU as such, and uses a propriety cooling system with small and high speed fans.
  4. surfinchina

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.2

    They're not alone. Every time I start up windoze in my VM it updates the os... Anyway... Straightforward update. I haven't checked anything but all the USB ports I use are still working, as is my GPU
  5. surfinchina

    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    I've got an EK block on my card, so get no spin up. And just for the record, it's a Vega FE and works OOB on HS and Mojave - excepting I need the fixup kext to allow for 2 monitors on DP. What I was inferring with the original post is that Apple hasn't yet optimised the drivers for use without igpu because at the moment there isn't such an Apple machine. When there is such a machine (the new Mac Pro), they will make changes. I noticed this back in the day when I had an X58 on SMBIOS 6,1 and after that an X99 and finally my current X299. This might all only be great news for those of us without igpu on our motherboards.
  6. surfinchina

    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    It'll be interesting to see if a new Mac Pro with no igpu and probably shipping with the Vega will impact on the OS and the functionality of the drivers. The smbios 6,1 is still the best in some ways because of the lack of integrated GPU, but a refresh of this with a new Mac Pro release will def be welcome to the hackintosh community...
  7. surfinchina

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.1

    All good here
  8. surfinchina

    macOS Mojave - It's out!

    Has anyone else had an update as soon as they installed it?
  9. surfinchina

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    I tried onboard and adapters and got the same speed. So I use one of the onboard sockets now. My mobo has 3 onboard sockets and came with an adapter (Gigabyte Aorus 9 (X299)) so I use the one that's fastest and has best airflow. I only have one GPU though, and no other PCIE devices and the i9 7900 has heaps of spare whossnames.
  10. surfinchina

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Haha I don't know why it's so good... Maybe something to do with the i9 CPU and the motherboard which has plenty of bandwidth? I'm not a technical guy One thing with all these tests is to run the activity monitor to make sure the disk isn't indexing (comes up as mdworker) As an aside and a bit off topic, it always pays to go to sys prefs, spotlight, privacy and exclude all your other disks from the indexing...
  11. surfinchina

    APFS to HFS+ Converter

    I've tried most methods and have had the odd catastrophe with everything except the good old format a seperate disk and use CCC to do a copy. Only properly safe way imho. As an aside, I used hfs by preference until I discovered (I use 2 partitions - one for H.S. and 1 for Mojave) I can use volumes instead of partitions. This means that they are dynamic so I can use any un-used disk space for either volume - don't need to set a partition size at the beginning...
  12. surfinchina

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    edit: which doesn't seem to let me edit the above post... never mind... I changed the test file size to 4gb. thermal issues better now
  13. surfinchina

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    I get pretty well exactly the same as pavo on my 960 evo. It's on apfs and uses apfsdriverloader-64.efi and no ssdt, no config.plist settings or bios settings. write does start off at nearly 2000 but slows to 1500 - thermal issues. pavo doubtless has his nvme in a better spot for cooling
  14. Glad to help Whatevergreen didn't work for me with the fixup kext installed so you must be doing something better than me lol. You could try taking out whatevergreen too - see if it's redundant now.