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  1. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra 10.13.4

    I used this kext to patch: AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy 626F6172 642D6964 626F6172 642D6978 AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy board-id -> board-ix which I guess is what your kext does? However, since the 10.13.4 beta 5 update I haven't needed it
  2. Sometimes for me - If the installation process is interrupted, there is still an install xxx on the SSD which I would see and could start after the reboot, but it's corrupted. This is why I've kept a good install on a disk for years and kept it updated. I hate USB installs unless I have a known good EFI for that hack. A new install with a generic / new EFI has always been a nightmare of nightmarish proportions for me.
  3. Sometimes it hangs later in the install because that particular USB port stops working. Possibly when the install process shifts from the USB to the hard drive. Have you tried different USB ports? Now and then mine would hang but if I just tried the install again it would work.
  4. That's funny, I don't use the bios patch and it's clearly unlocked. No kernel patch. Sleep works fine.
  5. I'm not using the MSR patch. The Gigabyte boards thankfully don't need them. The slide is in the boot arguments and in clover you have the choice of slide=0 or no slide. You can set different numbers in slide though, in the custom flags. If you google it you'll get how to calculate slide While you're in boot arguments you might as well go through experimenting with some of the others. What you need is to get past the + signs. First steps lol.
  6. A few times the boot has stalled there for me because that USB port has stopped. Simple and you might have thought of it, but try a few different ports. Another thing that helped me sometimes was different OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi versions and once setting different slide values. I feel your pain. When I did this on my X299 it was before anyone else and it took quite a while... You should remove as much as you can and then add kexts, drivers and patches, rather than removing them. Otherwise you end up chasing your tail. My config.plist has pretty well no patches and it works nicely. I'll attach it just in case it helps config.plist
  7. Killer Wireless-AC 1535

    Hi, I've had my Gigabyte X299 aorus 9 for a while now and would quite like to get the Wi-Fi going. Are there any kexts around for the Killer Wireless-AC 1535? Or any in the pipeline?? Or any way I can fake another wi fi card? Thanks in advance
  8. Maybe my eyes are getting old, but I have no hope of seeing anything with the big icon over it. edit: It's ok now. Took a bunch of refreshes.
  9. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra 10.13.4

    This morning (it's Saturday here already) I got up early and decided to do some experimenting. I rolled back one of my drives to 10.13.3. So now I have 2 identical installs apart from .3 and .4 The 10.13.3 is nearly 50 points faster on cinebench. I guess that's not huge when it's 1680 vs 1630, but still... Anyone else notice slowdowns on the latest beta?
  10. They're the same so far as I can tell, except that VoodooTSCSync is older and more widely used and developed. So that is the one I prefer. At some point though, to get it working properly, you'll have to do a bios mod on the Asus boards. Leave out VoodooHDA for now. Get the thing going, then get the graphics working properly, then small stuff like sound. to be honest though, Im a Gigabyte / ATI graphics guy. I like the easy hack. You'd be better off ploughing through kgp's extensive guide - it's way more similar to your system.
  11. Yes, hard to say without more info. Also, the Asus boards have their own issues and are more difficult to hack. My EFI is unlikely to be a great one for it. Are you using the 1070 on this new hack?
  12. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra 10.13.4

    My cinebench open CL scores went from 160000 to 50000. Geekbench seems just a little down. Can anyone confirm this on the Vega? I'm reverting to 10.13.4 beta 2 until I can figure it out because Cinerender is my bread and butter... edit: After a few hours of going in circles a reinstall of beta 4 seems to have fixed it.
  13. It'll be interesting to see if there's a performance or stability gain. Otherwise I can't see the point in risking it on an unlocked mobo.
  14. If this helps, Don't always believe everything you read. I reset my bios to default - no overclock, 7900x. The power draw was 200W. Don't pay any attention to the temps, it's delidded and on a custom loop. Probably the 140W was non turbo draw. If you wanted to you could underclock your processor and run it on air, but then you might as well go for one of the 6 core cheap chips. I'm sticking with kgp's opinion on this one.
  15. iMacPro SMBIOS and new horizens

    I had a few hours to spare and did a small experiment with my Skylake X rig. I tested 1,1, 18,3, 17,1 and 6,1. (Fabio is right, the same 10.13.4 works for all of them without patching) My config plist is super vanilla now and no patches for anything except USB, and that's not even very important - gives me 2 extra ports which I don't use anyway. Oddly, 6,1 gave me about 8% better GPU - in geekbench anyway (178000 from 155000). Cinebench was a couple of percent better. imac pro 1,1 was the worst of them by a few percent. I still think that, being the last Mac without GPU and designed for expansion, the 6,1 SMBIOS seems to work just a bit better. I'm looking forward to next years Mac Pro for this reason. So anyway, does this lag in the nvidia drivers happen with all the SMBIOS? edit: the other bonus on 6,1 being that I get 2 monitors on dp, rather than 1 on HDMI and 1 on dp with all the other SMBIOS....