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  1. Still working here. Not quite as fast as I'd like on the speed test. Does this see 5Ghz for anyone who has it? Mine doesn't but it's not a big deal. Just curious (like that monkey in the kids books)
  2. Thank you for your efforts on making this Sinetek. I tried it last week when I was real busy and sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. But I just learned this morning that on my HP Envy 15 hackintosh it works every time but ONLY if I have the sd card in at boot up. Otherwise it might load the driver and it might not. I tried to manually load it with kextload and kextutil, and it says it was already loaded but again sometimes it loads it and other times not. Might be just be my machine or setup? RTS5227
  3. A BIG THANK YOU, Genxster for the tip! I thought the AR9485 would NEVER work. AWESOME! and also a BIG THANK YOU for chunnann.
  4. Thanks a lot! But where do I put the AR9485.v16.plist?
  5. Intel HD 4600 QE/CI Yosemite

    A BIG thank you for the info on 0x0a26000a! I have been struggling to get the dashboard ripples in the 3 weeks since I've had this laptop and saw many references to 0x0a260006 and 0x0a260005, the 0x0a260005 doesn't work for me and the 0x0a260006 does work but with no QE/CI effects. I am using an HP Envy 15t k000, if that helps anyone if they read this. Using Clover - FakeID (0x04168086) Inject EDID (checked) Inject Intel (checked) ig-platform-id (0x0a26000a)