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  1. OSx86

    I almost never buy a game or software without testing it first. eg. game which don't offer downloadable demo are out of question (only exception is Blizzard because they never released something that I did not like - but you don't have to share that idea). Back to OSx86, same idea, I would never buy a Mac - especially considering the price - without testing if it would fulfill my needs. Hence OSx86 was the perfect occasion. I am now at the point where I successfully have installed it and can run most of it. Few things still crash but I have accelerated graphics and decent speed. So results in the end: - I like the sleek aspect of OSX, and I really would like to have a desktop with it. I would trade by Windows XP for it, but... - I am really disappointed of the lack of features which I get accustomed to using Linux especially - lack of native ogg vorbis support being the most annoying as well as the lack of GPU power (graphic card options are terrible for the gamer than I am). So in the end, I might not yet buy a Mac but sure OSx86 showed me what to look for in the next Apple annoucement. And if Apple makes the right offering, then I might rejoin the ranks. Thanks to OSx86.
  2. D-LINK DFE-530TX

    Yeah my DFE-530TX+ works but it has/is recognized as the Realtek chipset.
  3. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Just to say thanks and report what works and not on my hardware. After failing with 10.4.9, 10.4.10, I finally got 10.5.1 to work with that iso. Hardware: ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe - chipset nvidia 570MCP - AMD64 Athlon X2 5200+ - eVGA GeForce 8800 GTS 640Mb 2Gb DDR2-RAM OCZ. Keyboard and mouse (both wireless) on USB ports. USB external drive WC Essential 500Gb. MadDog DVD-writer ATA. USB external drive was pre-partitionned with 2 primary partitions half and half (one FAT32 set active under windows XP) Straight install with selection of correct video card option. So I had to install on USB external drive as the nForce5 sata does not work well (actually can see drives but very slow and often hangs). It seems to depend which SATA port they are connected to, but did not try move them around. USB drive is ok for the testing I wanted to do now. Onboard network does not work (listed as not connected) - but I added an old DLink DFE-530TX+ PCI card which worked right away (had to set-up IP and DNS manually) No sound yet (neither creative audigy2 or onboard soundmax work). I am thinking on getting a USB sound card... Just played WoW on my new Hackintosh this morning and was able to record movie very nicely Firefox works great. Java applets not so much yet. Quicktime crashes a lot but as I don't have sound I am not worried yet. So thanks again for the team who made that DVD.