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  1. I'm a bit confused but I'll poke around in clover to see what I find. Since I'm planning to have both ML and Yosemite installed does that mean that I would have to boot from the one EFI shell? I would've thought with different config.plist and arguments it would be a nuisance Edit: Can you please explain in a little more detail? Sorry, I tried entering the "help bcfg" command but it wouldn't recognize it in the efi shell
  2. Not sure if this has been answered but I've got an annoying problem. Every so often I end up with a stack of "UEFI OS" options to click when I'm prompted to select my bootloader. I've noticed that for every restart it will create another and another, right up until my computer freezes, gets stuck at 'press del or f1' and doesn't even post. The worst part is that the only way to fix this is to do a CMOS reset, disconnect all the power cables that connect to my drives and pray for the best. Since I'm in the middle of another OSX installation I'm constantly restarting my PC and in turn getting these UEFI OS' options that don't even work when selected. It's giving me the sh*ts. 15 minutes ago, I tried booting Yosemite but it won't even show on boot selection and if I selected the dreaded UEFI OS, it would take me to a grey apple screen and an endless loading icon. Please help. Intel 4970k Devils Canyon (Haswell Refresh) Intel 4600 HD onboard graphics Asus H97m-e 1150 Mobo Asus Strix 970 Gpu G.Skill 16gb Ram Samsung 120gb 840 Evo Samsung 120gb 850 m.2 (Yosemite) Samsung 250gb 850 Pro (Windows 8.1) WD 4TB Green (Backup Drive)
  3. Good read. Currently my setup is as follows UEFI boot, VT-d disabled, CSM disabled, Safe boot disabled, Other OS, Graphics default set to CPU Quick question, if my GPU was still connected and my monitor is directly connected to the GPU, will it bypass the GPU if I enabled CPU as primary display within BIOS? Sorry if it's a silly question but I've been finding myself having to reinsert my card a lot, which can't too be good, also, I use a displayport for my monitor 30" dell 3011 (2560x1600) EDIT**** I'm very pleased to say that I've finally reached the Desktop of ML 10.8.5. Thanks to the help of Allan, http://www.rampagedev.com/and another kind user on this forum 'uojoumou' Downloaded and followed instructions within the Haswell.dmg which can be found here http://www.rampagedev.com/?page_id=50 Replaced the fakesmc.kext, config.plist, aswel as the kexts within the Haswell.dmg and added the 'ssdt' specifically for my motherboard onto my USB clover ML install Used the following -s mode commands, which moves all the graphics kext to a BackupGraphics directory (thanks to oujoumou) mount -uw / mkdir BackupGraphics cd /System/Library/Extensions mv NVD*.kext GeForce*.kext AMD*.kext AppleIntelHD*.kext AppleIntelSNB*.kext AppleIntelFramebuffer*.kext /BackupGraphics sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Caches/* sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions shutdown -r now So far I've yet to install clover on the drive itself, graphics isn't at full resolution but still usable. Will update to see how it all goes. ****UPDATE Still can only get 64mb of VRAM *****UPDATE 2 Okay something strange happened. I've got an m.2 drive with Yosemite and a clover EFI installed on it and when I booted it up it went straight to Mountain Lion, with my Asus 970 Strix / Display Port cable running at full 2560 x 1600 resolution. Personally, this works out much better rather than having to use Intel HD @ 1920 x 1024 / HDMI cable / 30" monitor. Although, I don't think I'll be booting Yosemite for a while as I really have no use for it, not to mention the fact that I've set clover for 'fast' boot and that I can't mount the EFI via clover configurator (for some reason it just shows a blank efi) That being said, I'm not running accelerator graphics or any graphics kexts, as far as I'm concerned. This setup works fine for my daily usage, but just a little odd booting the EFI from Yosemite M.2 for Mountain Lion. It has got me wondering though, if I'd be able to get full graphics acceleration with this card on ML, even being told once before that it's too new and incompatible.. hmm
  4. Oops. Someones advice, he or she probably didn't realize I was using clover. Ah well. I've tried some mixed variations of fixes, including Intel_GFX, displayFIX, add_HDMI Also tried injecting the IntelGFX aswel.
  5. Currently I'm stuck on, Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! Shortly then after: DRMStatus: iTunes/Apple Store Content Access Problem. Also I see a Warning message a few lines earlier. -- WARNING: IOPlatformPluginUtil : getCPUIDInfo: this is an unknown CPU model 0x3c Boot arguments: -v GraphicsEnabler=No nv_disabled=1 IGPUEnabled=1 Edited the config.plist Intel GFX Injected Connected via HDMI
  6. Thanks, Im giving it a shot now. Edit: Getting CPU Halts/ Read only errors, not sure exactly the case but I tried moving kexts earlier via Windows. Currently doing a complete reinstall of Mountain Lion then business as usual. Will post back asap.
  7. Thank you. Disabled VT-D already. I've been advised that the Strix 970 GPU is incompatible. So I'm trying my luck with the 4600 HD I've tried -v IGPUEnabler=Yes, GraphicsEnabler=No However I have tried both Intel and Nvidia seperately. nvda_drv Edit: I've also tried safemode with no success. -f and the following fix to no avail. Type: mount -uw / Type: cd /System/Library/Extensions Type: mkdir intel_back Type: mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* intel_back/ Type: touch ../Extensions
  8. fknchino

    Mountine Lion with HD4600

    Old thread but would love to know of the outcome, was this resolved at all? Going through a similar issue. Thanks
  9. Hey all, I've got a fairly 'new' PC and I've successfully installed Yosemite so far with no big issue. However, I need to install Mountain Lion 10.8.5 for certain software compatibility. I'm currently stuck on the dreaded IO Bluetooth error / Graphics issue which pops up no matter what bootflag I enter (Clover bootloader). I'd like to clear things up for myself and others trying to install a slightly older version of OSX on a newer machine. Is there any possibility for a solution or am I just going in circles!? I have no experience editing DSDT files and I've yet to manually install any graphics kext. Would love to hear from anyone that has been through a similar experience. Cheers thanks Intel 4970k Devils Canyon (Haswell Refresh) Intel 4600 HD onboard graphics Asus H97m-e 1150 Mobo Asus Strix 970 Gpu G.Skill 16gb Ram Samsung 120gb 840 Evo
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    Stuck on 0 seconds remaining

    Thanks for the reply. I was using Mountain Lion by the way. I restarted manually after an hour or so later. It somehow installed but now I can't get past the bluetooth IO / Graphics error. Bit of a fruitless venture trying to install ML 10.8.5 on a 'too new' system, but I'm trying! Hopefully someone could help.
  11. I know this is an old post but I was wondering if you were successful at enabling 4600 with mountain lion?
  12. Stuck at 0 seconds remaining. Taking an awful long time to restart (30 minutes and counting) and mouse seems to be frozen. After a hard boot I would have to start the installer again. Currently trying to install on my Evo 120gb ssd Will post up installer log if it doesn't work this time around. Any suggestions? Mobo: ASUS H97M-E LGA1150 mATX Motherboard CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K Devil's Canyon 4.0GHz Socket 1150 Graphics: ASUS GeForce GTX 970 Strix 4G DCU II OC Graphic Card SSD: Sasmsung 840 Evo 120gb RAM: 16gb G. Skill flags: -v dart=0 nv_disabled=1 npci=0x2000 Graphics_Enabled=No IGP_Enabler=Yes
  13. I've already got Yosemite installed, thanks. Need Mountain Lion for some compatibility w/ certain programs
  14. Hey guys! I'm starting a new installation of Mountain Lion 10.8.5 for my desktop PC Specs: Intel 4790k Haswell Refresh Intel HD 4600 Asus H97M-e mobo Asus Strix 970 4gb 16gb G.Skill Ram Samsung M.2 850 Evo SSD Planning on using the Intel HD 4600 graphics as the 970 gpu is a little newer and incompatible. AFAIK Haswell Refresh is not supported but I've seen another user with a successful build running 10.8.5 Is there any users with a similar or newer setup running an old version OSX? Also, not quite sure with M.2 compatibility but I've ordered one since all my sata slots are filled. Any tips or pointers will be greatly appreciated.