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  1. DSDT optiplex 790 bios a18

    I have just completed an installation of Yosemite. I will be putting together a tutorial later tonight. I used Clover to put this in, and it was really straight forward. I have an Nvidia Quadro K600 video card. Not only will I do the tutorial for it, I will include the config.plist for it. If you have a different Video card, you will have to change that.
  2. New IPAD in March?

    Just saw this on a political website... Here is the link. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/apple-rumors-new-ipad-3-picture-leaks-iphone-5-speculation/
  3. Are you getting to be able to install? tell me more about your problem. I am on a D630. I used iAtkos S3 v2
  4. Just thought I would post this for all who are trying to go with a TYpe 1 Hypervisor. http://www.virtualcomputer.com You can register to use the Nxtop Engine free of charge. It is a great product. I am using it on my Dell E6410 with no problems. It tool some tweaking but I finally got OSX 10.6 5 to install. Some of you may want to try it and lets get some feedback. The really GREAT thing is that once you have a working OSX install, you can move it between machines.
  5. Hey guys. There is a commercial product out there that just went free for single users. The company, Virtual Computer has developed a type 1 hypervisor to use with their flagship product. They have recently let people register and use it for free. Http://www.virtualcomputer.com Nxtop Engine is what you want.
  6. [GUIDE] Dell Latitude E6410

    I have a perplexing issue. I have a latitude e6410 with 4 gb ram, Core i7. Bios version 4. Everytime I try to use the method described, the machine hangs up and reboots. Is it my bios version? I am not a noob, just perplexed... Any ideas??
  7. Intel ATOM330 D945GCLF2

    I think this is one of the best little mobos for iATKOS 5i 10.5.6 EVERYTHING works... straight install, and it is quicker than you think The ATOM is a great little processor
  8. A Budget Hackintosh

    Ok, This is the rig I like to use, really cheap, and works good on OS X Linux and windows. MB Intel D945GCLF2 about $90 If you want the single core Atom you can save $15 2 GB Ram stick about $50 Any SATA HDD $60 PS and case $40 DVD/CD $40 Runs awesome!!!
  9. Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    Avatar = 5/10 signature 5/10
  10. Why Windows 7 will be the best Windows ever

    I have been diddling with computers since I built my first kit in 1973. All it had was 1k of RAM and a bunch of switches and LEDs. No keyboard, monitor, disk, etc. It was a $1000 introduction into the future. Fast forward a few years, the TRS80, C64, Apple II, AMIGA, LISA, PC, MAC, etc. People will continue to loft their personal favorite above the other regardless of efficacy or usability. I have been a MACuser from the beginning, but had to pursue the PC because of the availability of usable programs. While Leopard is miles ahead of Vista on the same hardware, you have to remember that most of the caveats that Windows faces are because of 1 reason, MASS COMPATABILITY with various pieces of hardware. This is ALSO the only reason that MS has become the dominating OS worldwide, not because it is the best, but because it is the most versatile with a very diverse mix of hardware. True MS could have done better by scrapping backwards compatability and using a VM to run the "legacy" applications. I have also been a MS ALPHA and BETA tester since Win95. Windows 7 is going to end up being accepted for the same reasons listed above, it works onmost anything x86. Please do not take this as offense, but I remember YEARS ago when Apple bought into the PPC, and everyone jumped on the MAC bandwagon riding along talking about how much better and faster the PPC was than the x86 architecture. That arguement was so false that Apple wised up and moved to x86. For Apple to really deal a knockout punch to send MS reeling, they need to license the OS for use on non APPLE hardware. I have a 3 month old MAC mini and a 945GCLF2 clone that cost 1/4 of the cost and runs OSX faster. I look at it like this, there are no restrictions to taking a Chevy V8 and dropping it into a VW bug if you have the time, money, and expertise to do it. The other side of the arguement is that Apple readily wants the owners of new MAC's to be able to run Windows on the apple hardware. But, dont buy a copy of OSX and run it on your new PC....
  11. G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    I just built a PC with a PALIT 9600GTPCIE SONIC 1GIGDDR DDVI/HDMI . This info helped me get it working. It ROCKS !!! Dual Display, HDMI, This card screams!
  12. Build a Perfect Mac for less than $250

    I have a small computer repair shop, and I have been using these boards for my customers who want cheap dependable PC's. I just built one with a 500 gb sata drive and used iAtkos 4 dvd, vanilla kernel... Works GREAT!!!!!
  13. Do I install Windows Software or Mac Software?

    If you can get it to install...... You havent installed OSX right.....
  14. Dell Specific issues

    Hey, all you peeps that be having troubs wit da mouse on a dell DUAL CORE pc or laptop SIMPLE fix when the PC boots hit a key when it says to and type this is cpus=1 hit enter and no mo mouse troubs Holla!!
  15. CPUS=1 ?

    THANKS !!!!!