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  1. !WORKING FIX FOR LENOVO 3000 N100 (0x17AA2066) 1986a!

    Any updates on this?
  2. !WORKING FIX FOR LENOVO 3000 N100 (0x17AA2066) 1986a!

    I don't have any volume slider either. Uhm, before the installation I removed the following .kext's: Azalia, ALCInject, AppleHDA and AC97Audio. Try giving that a go.
  3. [How To] Solutions for Audio Problems

    Lenovo 3000 N100 fix: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=73693
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    See my topic for Lenovo 3000 N100 fix: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry521459
  5. !WORKING FIX FOR LENOVO 3000 N100 (0x17AA2066) 1986a!

    Solution found and uploaded!
  6. It seems that I'm unable to use torrents for downloading after I updated to 10.5.1 Vanilla kernel, the symptoms are not just low activity(as in ports not open), but NO activity what so ever. Has anyone had any experience with this issue? Thanks in advance
  7. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Before anyone becomes overly excited, I can confirm that this does NOT work with Leopard!
  8. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    If someone has v. 1.13 please upload it! Since Taruga deleted his post, 1986a users can't get sound!
  9. WORKING SOLUTION FOR LENOVO 3000 N100 IF YOU HAVE THE INTEL 0x17AA2066 LISTED IN SYSTEM PROFILER THIS WILL WORK FOR YOU! Attached is a .zip file containing the Apple HDA Patcher v. 1.13 and a custom Linux dump for 1986a! Lenovo_Intel_1986a.zip Sound is distorted on my speakers, and it's only 2 channel, but hey - it's sound! Have fun!
  10. Does piracy make us bad people?

    Intellectual property is probably one of the most humanly restricting measures in the world today. Information sharing, the way it's done today, and will be in the future(naturally to a much greater extent), is one of the key requirements for global progression in my opinion. So while technology has been exploited and exploited for profit and personal use the last 200 years, it's finally giving something back to those who deserve it. You and I. Knowledge.
  11. Is Zionism Racism?

    The entire scenario is - naturally much more complex than it's being presented by OP. No serious person would boil zionism down to something as simple as an yes or no answer. What's important to keep in mind is, that, the Israeli's are not to blame. The majority of the population support the Peace movement which extends from the far left to centre-right, despite the fact that the Israeli government has a official censorship department which is responsible for 'creative' history-writing, i.e. removing the green line from official elementary schoolbooks and has established an agreement between the I.D.F and most media outlets(If I'm correct, Haaretz isn't one) that allows the I.D.F to view recordings and the like from missions, and discard them if it is determined that it would be detrimental to the public image of the I.D.F. A news outlet broke this agreement a couple of years ago and a video was released where I.D.F soldiers are seen raiding the homes of palestinian civilians and uttering hateful comments towards palestinians and islam afterwards. I believe there is some footage of the use of human shielding by the I.D.F as well. This video can be found on YouTube and others. I know some Israeli's, and I must admit, that most of them have a very disorted image of Israeli history, not to mention the history of the region itself. An Israeli girl I know is completely sure that the Phillistines drove the Israelis(Simple tribes at the time) out of Palestine 2000 years ago, and as a logical conclusion 'they just want they're land' back. What she fails to realize here, is that the two tribes lived less than 20 miles from eachother, making them no ethnically different. What further cements the irony of the statement, is that she is an ashkenazi jew, which means she actually has no real connection to 'the tribe' and In reality is the closest thing to a goy(gentile) that a jew can get. Note: Almost the entire government and members of the knesset(Israeli parliament) are ashkenazi jews. Using that sort of logic, Britain should have America, Australia, India, Hong Kong and many other parts of the world back. Let's see what Annapolis has to bring(nothing I presume).
  12. About This Mac Screenshots

    Update: Now running 10.5.1 with Vanilla Kernel(needed blue screen fix though). Hooray for netkas and pc_efi!
  13. Need info from hack users

    Siggie and Intel 945.
  14. ToH RC2: I get battery icon and percentage, but no time calculation and I'm unable to adjust battery/AC settings.
  15. RAM Upgrade: How much is needed?

    It seems I probably would be better off installing 4GB instead. I'll look into it, thanks a lot for the quick replies.