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  1. As I don't get gpu passtrough anymore on Ubuntu 17.10 I'm trying to update my setup by following instructions there: https://github.com/kholia/OSX-KVM The problem I have is that it's getting confusing over there as instructions for Enoch bootloader, UEFI/Clover bootlaoder and High Sierra are multiplying and getting mixed in cross-references. With this post I'm trying to eliminate unknown variables from the equation. First, I'm trying to figure out if the patched QEMU is still needed. This step is not optional and is required. QEMU 2.10.1 shipped with Fedora 27 works fine too Ubuntu 17.10, which was not yet released when most of these instructions were written in August 2017, now also ships with QEMU 2.10 as Fedora 27. Anybody on Ubuntu 17.10 can tell me? Put the included q35-acpi-dsdt.aml file into EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/origin location This is in UEFI instructions but not in High Sierra with Clover instructions. Is that still necessary? Thanks all
  2. Hi, I got my macOS Yosemite VM working with GPU passthrough like 2 years ago by reading this thread. I don't use this VM much, only when photo editing in Lightroom. So I just tried to start it but it stops at this message in the QEMU window: AppleCredentialManager::start called AppleKeyStore starting (BUILT: ...) Except of updating my Ubuntu machine from 17.04 to 17.10, I don't think I changed anything in the launch script. Interesting thing, if I remove the two lines for VFIO gpu passthrough and add a qxl device, then I get a working macOS Yosemite in a QEMU window with 800x600 resolution only. What's wrong and what can I do? Thanks. Here is my script: sudo sh -c 'echo 1 > /sys/module/kvm/parameters/ignore_msrs' sudo qemu-system-x86_64 \ -m 8G \ -enable-kvm \ -cpu Penryn \ -M q35 \ -bios OVMF.fd \ -smp 8,sockets=1,cores=4,threads=2 \ -device isa-applesmc,osk="blahblahblah" \ -device ahci,id=hdbus,bus=pcie.0 \ -device ide-drive,bus=hdbus.0,drive=Clover \ -drive id=Clover,if=none,file=/home/me/VM/Disques/macOS/clover_dreadkopp-penryn.dd,format=raw \ -device ide-drive,bus=hdbus.1,drive=MacOSX \ -drive id=MacOSX,if=none,file=/home/me/VM/Disques/macOS/Yosemite.qcow2,media=disk,format=qcow2 \ -device virtio-net,netdev=Mac,vectors=0,mac=52:54:00:00:61:4c -netdev tap,id=Mac \ -device piix4-usb-uhci,id=usbbus \ -device usb-mouse \ -device usb-kbd \ -device qxl-vga,id=video0,ram_size=67108864,vram_size=67108864,vgamem_mb=16 \ -serial stdio
  3. Hi After a couple of months of working VM, I updated OSX (Yosemite) tonight (Itunes, security update, and safari) which required a reboot. Now as soon as I click to boot the Machintosh-HD drive in Clover I get stuck at the apple logo. How can I diagnostic that? Thanks UPDATE: I overwrote my Clover disk image with the base one I got initially from waschbenzin and now it boots again. The OS updates had disabled the NVDIA drivers so I updated that also. I don't understand what happened. I had not changed the Clover disk, so why overwritting it made the OS work again?
  4. Indeed, so easy! Thanks KillerKelvUK! ----- I have another issue and -- from my point of view -- a big one. The whole point of this Mac vm was for me to do photo editing with Lightroom, but I just noticed that I'm not able to passtrough my photo camera. I was able to passthrough usb devices of my mouse, keyboard and even bluetooth dongle, but not the photo camera. I'm puzzled. I start the vm with the camera powered on. Any clue? Thanks again. P.S. Passing through the whole usb controller is not really an option as it seems all my system usb ports are on the same controller.
  5. I have been watching this thread since its begining and decided this weekend to plunge and try it myself. Surprisingly that was worked on the first try! So thanks to all who participated in this thread! Well, it's not completely working. I cannot get sound out of my Nvidia gpu HDMI output. I'm on Yosemite. I searched and found audio_cloverHDMI (https://github.com/toleda/audio_CloverHDMI) but could not make it work because I could not find the right HDMI audio ssdt (https://github.com/toleda/audio_hdmi_amd-nvidia) for the IOReg display device name I have. Do any of you had better luck with this option or another? Thanks