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  1. Hey, my computer has had windows 7 installed on it, and I used my mobo's RAID controller to put 4x500GB hdd's in a raid0 array. I installed OS X on a 5th hdd, but in order to do so, I needed to change my storage configuration type from RAID to ACHI. So now I have OSX that boots up if I switch my storage configuration to ACHI, and windows 7 that boots up if I switch my configuration to RAID. Also, Chameleon will boot in RAID mode, but OSX hangs on boot, and when I choose Windows from it, it says BOOTMGR is missing, press ctrl alt del to reboot. Is there any way to get this working smoothly without losing windows? Specs: asus p7p55 lx mobo intel core i7 875k 4x 500gb hdd in raid0 for windows 1x 500gb hdd for os x sapphire ATI radeon hd 5870 eyefinity 6 12GB ram
  2. I have one of the Unibody Macbook 13" laptops, and I am soon going to replace my hard drive. I was looking at a 640 GB hard drive, but on Apple's Website, it says "Up to 500GB." Is this just because Samsung does not have an apple-branded harddrive, or will the macbook not recognize the harddrive? any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Change a Mac's Model ID?

    In my opinion, i think it would be more than the model ID, since the serial number can be used to instantly determine what model, where it was manufactured, and narrow it down to a 3 day period of when it was manufactured. But I am sure if you could change one value, you could change the other too.
  4. Migrating from Hackbook to Macbook?

    I am not all too familiar but I believe you can. Unless you did an EFI emulation and was able to install a vanilla, unmodified version of OSX, I would be cautious, and hope that the migration assistant does not bring over the modified kexts, etc. I don't see that happening, but it is just something to keep in mind
  5. Hey everybody, I have a bit of an oddball question for someone who has been working with macs for quite a long time. I have a tangerine clamshell iBook g3 that I am trying to resurrect. I started by loading mac os 9.2.2 onto the ibook, and was about to load 10.3, when I realized it would leave me with only 20 MB of space left, So I bought and installed a 40gb toshiba apple branded hard drive. I popped in the 10.3 disc(the universal one, not machine specific), formatted the harddrive, and started to install. I came back to my iBook to see a screen that had said the install has failed, and to retry the installation. just turn it off for the night, and went to sleep. The next morning, when I went to boot from the CD, I was met with a floppy disk and a flashing question mark. Uh oh... I tried holding the option key, and when I do, I see an icon of the finder face with a CD(presumably the install disc) but when I choose to boot from it, i get the question mark back. I tried the 9.2.2 cd, with the same results. I tried zapping the PRAM, NVRAM, and all that fun stuff, but to no avail. I even tried resetting the open firmware to it's defaults, and still I have no luck. I am thinking I might have some luck If I can set the boot-device parameter to whatever points to the CD-ROM, but I don't know what does. Other than that, I am quite clueless on what to try next. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Mike
  6. As I am typing this, iTunes is telling me "Congratulations, you have burned another drink coaster!" while i am wasting money away on all these CDs and dvds. I have visited many threads, etc about this problem and the medium write error I have been getting with every application I used for burning (itunes, toast, disk utility) and it basically comes down to the drive that is the problems. From what ive read, the Mat{censored}a drives are a piece of {censored}, and to me, one of the very few caveats of the macs. I have tried an external dvd drive (A lite-on drive) but nothing wants to burn to that drive at all. It is to the point where I will risk my warranty, and put in a different disk drive if it means I will no longer have this problem. That is why I am posting here. I wanted to know if anybody knows of a disc drive that is compatible with my macbook? I have the 13" unibody macbook (purchased April 2009). Thanks
  7. You could always create a password protected disk image using disk utility. not only will it stop prying eyes at looking at your confidential files, but when unmounted, they cant be found in a spotlight search either!
  8. Since I often use a mix of the internal speakers, headphones, and a 2.1 system, I found that I often change the itunes EQ alot. what I ended up doing is I created an applescript that will quickly let me choose which EQ setting to use. That wasn't good enough for me, so I am looking to make another script that when something is plugged in or unplugged from the headphone jack to call up the EQ switcher script. Any ideas where to find that? And if you want to take a look at the EQ switcher code, here it is: www.eovnu87435ds.pastebay.org Any help is appreciated!
  9. Hey, I have the 17" intel iMac, (5,2) and it has a matte screen. now that ive seen the new macs with the glossy screens, I've fallen in love with them, but I dont want to fork out $1200-$1700 for a new one. Has anyone replaced the matte screen with a glossy one, or better yet, does anyone know where to find replacement 17" 16:9 glossy screens to put in the iMac? BTW, I dont want this to turn into a matte/glossy debate.