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  1. attach your config.plist file (remove serial number and mlb first), your dsdt and your original SSDTs Which bios you're using?
  2. I put the original high sierra missed file in it
  3. Try this, and attach your DSDT DisplayServices.framework.zip
  4. So what you're waiting to attach your dsdt ?
  5. The only differences in our envy are in SSDTs If you don't replace AppleBacklight.kext, AppleBacklightExpert.kext and DisplayServices.framework ACPIBacklight will never work. I made some changes in DSDT and SSDTs but are not relevant (I think), (Rename H_EC to EC in DSDT and SSDTs and other changes) if you want to test it attach all your original SSDT and config.plist (For this reason I had already asked for your original SSDTs in post #356) (BTW ACPIBacklight had to work without new changes) I've removed AppleIntelCPUPM in clover, removed Drop OEM flag, removed sort order, added AutoMerge and dropped DMAR, and All SSDTs by length. This is my DSDT, remember to rename to EC all your SSDTs DSDT.aml.zip
  6. Did you followed this? https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/screen-brightness-broken-sierra-10-12-4-beta-3.2033660/page-3
  7. to persevere is diabolical.... Try ACPIBacklight
  8. XCPM works now, also with freq vectors, but I have the same error with cpu-s app. In my config.plist, I can boot without flag on drop OEM ssdt but I had to drop the ssdt table that contains gpu and boot with dart=0 (only with VT enabled or drop DMAR table) I have dropped also another ssdt table that contains many errors, I've dropped both by lenght. I have in patched folder only SSDT.aml made using ssdtPRGen.sh, the SSDT-3, the one that contains the gpu patched and SSDT-1 patched with fix_PSS placeholders. I don't think you need to drop ApIst, Cpu0Cst and ApCst, have you ever tried to boot without it with the DSDT I've uploaded? I'm asking you this because under tables dropping I have no ApIst, Cpu0Cst and ApCst, they are in acpi/original folder. If yours SSDTs contains errors they will be skipped or can cause problems. Attach your ACPI/Original folder or only SSDTs in it. I use alway the laptop with power adapter, today i used it without it and seems that it won't wake up from usb mouse, but it wake up from keyboard and mouse works after sleep, I don't remember if on previous os it works well.
  9. I had the same issue with battery indicator, disappeared with a fresh installation, but in the last installation I used the new kext for ACPIBatterymanager. Can you add your changes under wifi?
  10. It's incredible, I was going crazy.... all works the problem was in clover because kernel and kext patches was not loaded if config.plist had a different name. I'm on 10.13.3 Beta. I've edit for you mmfesq a new dsdt, try it, it's a bomb, add also this SSDT-7 because there was 2 times _off method in the last file I've uploaded, and boot with drop oem ssdt true It's edited for GenericBrightness.kext, no issue when restarting or shutting down, the battery indicator loads a few seconds after startup. If you have problems with sleep/wake or even shutdown/restart you can patch DSDT to re-enable the ATI card before sleeping and disable it on wake, it's on Rehabman Repository. SpeedStep test give me an error "Can't commute 2.80 in number (-1700)" Why I can't complete a clean installation from usb? Do I need some drivers in Clover? Installer from internal Hard drive is ok. DSDTs new.zip
  11. have you got any patch for xcpm in 10.13.2? Is xcpm working for you? Did you tried dsdts? boot glitch patch did not work for me.... have you got some extra kext installed?
  12. Why don't you use Brightness by bergdesign with ACPIBacklight.kext? I've removed LCD1234 and patched with Brightness fix ACPI100
  13. Hi mnfesq Why don't you use Brightness by bergdesign with ACPIBacklight.kext? I've removed LCD1234 and patched with Brightness fix ACPI100
  14. Try these dsdt if you get kp add ssdt7 and drop oem ssdt true try also mine dsdt, but mod device pxsx because I've removed patch we have the same mainboard DSDTs.zip