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  1. Lion and P5W DH Deluxe

    I think all of the Asus guide should work...Maybe you've to search for some drivers....Just try!
  2. 7900GS 256MB 10.6 = OK , 10.6.2 = KP

    the same problem here with a 7600GT...only 32bit is working someone can help, please?
  3. hi djspacee, any news with the 7600GT driver? thx you
  4. Folks, please, could someone summarize the main steps for install snow over the p5wdh? What's working and what not? I've read some post about resume problem...so, please, reply with the checklist, and,please, my P5WDH friends, update this post with latest drivers...This forum is gold for us!! Thank you again P5W-DH Mainboard Checklist (answer Yes or No): 64 Bit: Audio 5.1: Audio SPIDF: OnBoard Wireless: Gigabit Ethernet: IR Remote: Shutdown: Reboot: Sleep: Resume:
  5. try voodoo kernel, it works great: Darwin luca.local 9.8.0 Darwin Kernel Version 9.8.0: Tue Aug 11 12:57:32 AST 2009; Based on Voodoo :xnu-1228.15.4/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 i386
  6. errandwolfe, have you tried this trick?
  7. I mean the "sleep way mode"...and the LAN NIC feature... Thx
  8. Hi errandwolfe, can you tell me if 10.5.2 solve some problems ? I'm going to buy a HD for install leo in my laptop....thank you very much, k
  9. change smbios, acpi and others kext...Mine works pefect
  10. same here...all works ok, but is too slow (only during boot time) and I've lost the sleep mode :censored2: how can I fix? thx
  11. 10.5.2

    olinboy1, can u tell us wich version and wich kext do you have used for sleep? My 10.5.2 tell me only "2GB Ram" not the speed...and my sleep won't work for sure. Thank you very much, kdm
  12. Wakeup via USB Mouse?

    I've Asus P5W DH and I can wake up/start with mouse. See your bios settings cheers
  13. Kext aggiornati

    Ciao a tutti, qualcuno sa dove trovare gli ultimissimi kext per il base system aggiornati ? Grazie
  14. can someone tell me if the D630 with the X3100 video card now work without external monitor (and QE/CI enabled) ? Thank you
  15. I'm already using the vanilla kernel, but no sleep here. Can you tell us wich configurations have you applied in your bios? thank you very much, kdm