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  1. Mac OSX Lion on Ultrabooks ?

    I just got the XPS 13, would be curious to know if anyone has gotten it or similiar hardware to work.
  2. GFX Cards

    delete post pls
  3. Video Cards

    I posted this a while back I was wondering if anyone could give me some further suggestions. My graphics card is dying more everyday. Thanks for the input. And thanks again Buildsmart! But on a different topic, I believe my graphics card is dying on me. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions that would work best with Ultimate Badaxe2, I currently have a 7900gs 256 dual dvi. I do not game, or do much video editing, I am really just looking for something quiet, and that has dual dvi for my 2 monitors. Let me know what you all think! Thanks, Bigvalboa
  4. If look at your case from the outside with the button removed, u will see a little silver ring on the inside of the hole where the button fits in. I do not have that. And also if u look from the inside with the button removed, u will see like a little circle that the button pieces fits into..i dont haev that either Any suggestiosn? Any idea what screws size works for the hd tray, or mounting the dvd drive? edit: its a g5 case
  5. I have all of those parts you extracted, however my case does not have the housing on the front panel to hold all the buttons pieces together, any suggestions? If i were to put my button assembly in now it wouldnt stay together and would fall through the front. Your second picture shows it best, the housing that the actual button circuit board itself is attached too
  6. Does anyone know if we can use any other screws to fasten the dvd drive to tray? Instead of buying the dvd-drive standoffs like these http://www.mac-pro.com/Power-Mac-G5-Optical-Drive-Standoffs or the hard drive screws like these http://www.mac-pro.com/922-6253 . I am looking to somehow attach these, any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. What i am trying to do exactly is remove the metal that holds the button in its place. Because I need to remove the button from one case and put it into another. The metal appears to be welded on here or something. It is the metal bezel that is viewable from the outside of the case, the stops the button from falling out. That is what I am tryng to remove.
  8. So I ended up buying 2 G5 Cases, 1 in good condition and beaten up pretty badly. However the one in bad condition has the dvd and hd trays which i successfully extracted and put into the new case. Any one have any suggetions on removing the power button piece. I got the usb,fw,and audio panel out. I just cant get that final piece on the power button that surrounds the actual button.
  9. BadAxe2 users

    It doesnt hang on anything of the -v stuff. It gets past all of that, and boots to the default leopard background, with the spinning beach ball forever.
  10. Does anyone have a working boot132 for the ba2? I have tried a few, and keep getting image checksum error.
  11. I followed all the above instructions, and for some reason I am getting the dreaded Image checksum error.... any suggestions or something that I might be overlooking?
  12. BadAxe2 users

    i have been trying to install with boot132, but everytime i let it boot. My leopard install disk sits at the leopard background with a spinning wheel, and never goes past that point. I am using boot132 kabyl no modifications, and a retail leopard dvd. Any suggestions?
  13. Torque's Ultimate Mod, NOW FULL ATX!

    I am thinking of tackling this project, I just ordered my G5 case, what do you all suggest for mounting the motherboard to the case itself? Also what do you all think of using usb, firewire, audio extension cords and mounting them to the back / front panels? I have no clue how to solder, so I really wouldnt be able to create my own cables. I plan on using the gigabyte ep45-dq6 Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. -Bigvalboa
  14. Intel HDA Audio Codec STA9274D

    Just curious, for you Bad Axe 2 users, have any of you been able to get the marvell sata fully functioning?
  15. Intel HDA Audio Codec STA9274D

    V3 Added full mute support for the first time on this board..Thank you!