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  1. pebcak

    Favorite Window Manager

    FVWM. And btw. KDE, XFCE and Gnome still are DEs, not DMs or WMs.
  2. pebcak

    I don't get it!

    Well, they don't. I have yet to meet a linux power user who switched from linux to OS X. I know a lot of them who bought apple hardware, but in the end they run Linux on it...
  3. pebcak

    2009 desktops?

    Debian fvwm
  4. pebcak

    Linux Program Lists

    bash vim less ssh mc gcc xorg fvwm aterm abiword gnumeric homebank thunar exaile firefox thunderbird evince mplayer tvtime gimageview gimp inkscape pixel ufraw noiseninja xara lx
  5. pebcak


    A derivate of a derivate..... Soup tends to lose taste everytime you thin it out.
  6. pebcak

    KDE4, your view now?

    He would be the best, if he could make a design for everyone... however he cannot. People are different and have different needs. Aqua is almost impossible to work with for some of us.
  7. pebcak

    Show your nix Oct desktop

    My thinkpad.
  8. pebcak

    Franks Corner

    Bull{censored}list. There are a lot of applications missing, there are a lot of applications with native ports you even don't have to emulate.
  9. pebcak

    KDE4, your view now?

  10. pebcak

    UNIX vs. NT

    I think the DEC developers did a nice job... only for microsoft to {censored} it up, again.
  11. pebcak


    You seem to spend a lot time waiting...
  12. pebcak

    Apple EULA Enforcability

    Since Apple ships the same EULA for Safari & Itunes on Windows & Mac OS X, I think you could argue they give a {censored}. I doubt many Windows-PCs are apple labeled computers...
  13. pebcak

    *nix on a thumb drive

    Really depends what you want to do.. puppy linux, KNOPPIX-STD and grml-small are also excellent... you can basicly "thumbify" every linux livecd.
  14. http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/07/h...reiser-bri.html
  15. pebcak

    KDE 4.04 is desktop poison.

    It's still KDE...