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  1. No. Even Linux fails to recognize the array. The problem is that this isn't really RAID. Its a bunch of drivers that ship for Windows; the processor sits there and copies the data over as you use the array in Windows. I wouldn't risk doing anything with these drives without that special windows driver. To make a long story short, if you already use the RAID functionality of ICH10R then don't touch the affected drives from any operating system other than Windows: you will corrupt the array. If you don't already use the ICH10R raid functionality, DON'T! Get a proper dedicated hardware RAID card that makes the array drives look as one drive for all intents and purposes. If I knew that this was a gimmick and not a hardware RAID I would have never wasted my time. It creates more problems than it solves. For the benefit of future generations: I have the system booting from USB drive on a P5Q-E with IDE setting set to RAID in bios; putting chameleon on the system drive, which is not part of an array, after installation results in boot1: error. I used a combination of the following: http://www.kexts.com/view/66-p5q_deluxe_%2..._32bit%29_.html and http://digitaldj.net/2009/09/05/ich10r-in-...leopard-part-2/ From the second I'm not using the whole linux and grub thing, I just grabbed the kext he mentions at the end of the post.
  2. ADI AD2000b works with applehda

    I've tried about a million different things to get sound on my P5Q-e. This is the only solution that worked on Snow Leopard aside from VoodooHDA. Thank you! However, I can't control the volume when I'm using Digital Out. Does anyone know how to fix that? EDIT: Looks like thats a "feature" on Apple computers. http://ask.metafilter.com/35539/Why-is-opt...t-full-on-a-Mac I installed HDAEnabler into my System/Library/Extensions using kext helper. Then I placed ad2000b.kext AND HDAEnabler.kext into the Extra/CustomExentions folder of my chameleon installation. Don't forget to sudo touch System/Library/Extensions and rebuild the kextcache for chameleon.
  3. How did you get this working? I have Windows installed on ICH10R that I want to keep. I just want to install OS X on a separate drive and keep the BIOS set to RAID.