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  1. in preferences>performance turn opengl off (uncheck). and increase cache level to 6. this helps but photoshop cs4 still have delay problem for me if i work like adobe workflow. (i read some telling cause of new gpu usage platform ).
  2. iTome

    Good Torrent Programs?

    http://mac.utorrent.com/ here it is
  3. check my gallery plz http://itome.deviantart.com/gallery/ i hope you like
  4. render can take an hour. i think there are 3-5 light sources and with that sources if you increased ray bounces and also counts, that makes it takes more time. nice wallpaper btw.
  5. iTome

    10.5.6 Released!

    didnt work for me first but the mistake i made was to forget repairing permissions. after repair permissions it worked.
  6. thanks so much man. finally ich8 being displayed right (p5b).
  7. iTome

    About Megaupload & Rapidshare

    speed download works without problem if you ask cause of password problems for premium accounts.
  8. if i dont remember wrong it was a widget from apple site. and rubasu, it looks great...
  9. iTome

    3Ds max on mac ?

    in its information you see how to do it. the only tip is deleting ":" in your mac address while writing it into the .dat file.