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  1. I have GUID partitions and I used the following guide and the dual boot works pretty well. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=73952
  2. I followed the guide and got my 10.5.2 update working. But here's what's strange, in 10.5.1, I had restart working, but shutdown didn't work and I couldn't get it to wake from sleep (not even by pressing the power button). Now with 10.5.2, Shutdown still doesn't work, Restart doesn't work anymore, but it wakes from sleep when I hit the power button, although when it wakes from sleep, there's this strange sound, almost like a heartbeat every 3 or 4 seconds. Wondering if anyone else noticed these or having the same issues.
  3. @mtotho, @ddrdark : re: 4GB dual channel, I can't even get the board to POST, so it's more of a bios/mobo issue I think. I'm using Bios ver F8a beta because of the E8400 processor support. I tried everything from adjusting the voltage, timings and switching memory banks. Didn't help. Settled for Single channel for now. @trypno: I'm using GUID and shutdown/sleep doesn't work for me. Anything else you did different to get it to work? Any bios changes? I already tried the 4-sec delay in bios and didn't work. For me sleep basically shuts down the system, so I'm just using sleep to shutdown. @macgirl: If you decide to go dual core, get E8400. It was the same price as E6750 at my local microcenter.
  4. Great Tutorial !! I just completed my build using your guide. GA-P35-DS3L Rev 2. (Bios ver F8a) Intel E8400 XFX 7600 GT Corsair XMS2 4GB Antec Solo Case and Antec Earthwatts 430 PSU Samsung 20X DVD Writer WD 160GB hard drive Everything works great, except the usual sleep/shutdown. Restart works fine. I also couldn't get it started with memory installed in dual channel mode, works fine with single channel configuration.