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  1. Yes, I know without the LegacyAppleAHCIPort.kext the controller wouldn't be recognized correctly. What I meant was that I got rid of the "ESB2" injection from the blockstorage injector and have silver icons now
  2. OK, so I guess it's time for sleepenabler again... Thanks for all your help anyway Oh, I just noticed you have the link to the IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext.zip in your DSDT Auto-Patcher thread. Wouldn't it be better to use the OrangeIconFix.kext I have attached? (Got it from Blackosx' guide) With this one my sata controller is correctly recognized as ich9 and the icons are silver. No more fake ESB2... OrangeIconFix.kext.zip
  3. took me a while to reply... I did this and there was nothing special except the error messages I already posted... The kernel panics on reboot are gone, I don't know why. EDIT: I just remembered that I activated "restart automatically after power failure" again. This maybe the reason why the kernel panics are gone... The problems I have with the system waking up itself seem to only occur with scheduled sleep. If I put the computer to sleep manually everything is fine. Really weird!
  4. I did everything step by step, BIOS is already F14... DSDT is loaded for sure, otherwise my pc wouldn't go to sleep without sleepanbler. What do you mean with EFI? Like EFI-Strings? I use the graphics enabler from Chameleon 2 RC5. Maybe you could send me your DSDT for testing? Mabye I did something wrong and yours is different? OK, I will do this and report back...
  5. Yes, I added that in the boot.plist, so that can't be the problem... OK, I thought that you maybe changed something in power management or so... I also noticed now, that i get kernel panics on boot when I restart from OS X. Damn!
  6. I deleted VoodooMonitor and use the solution from your link now However i can only monitor ambient temperature and GPU fan speed with iStat, unfortunately not CPU core temps... I didn't change Vcore, just set the voltage to 'Auto' but I had to raise the RAM voltage by +0.3v to get the system stable. My PC runs fine with the 3.2 GHz for two years now. LPC Kext seems to be loaded, but I booted into verbose mode and got the following errors: LPC_PlatformPlugin: :push_CSIData - _CST evaluation failed LPC_PlatformPlugin: :push_CSIData - _CST evaluation failed LPC_PlatformPlugin: :registerLPCDriver - WARNING - LPC device initalization failed So, something seems to be wrong here and power management is not loaded correctly. Any ideas how I can solve this? I also noticed that my system wakes up itself after some hours, didn't do that before EDIT: Wakeup by USB mouse or keyboard does also not work for me. Maybe it depends on BIOS settings, could you publish your settings here? Thank you again.
  7. Ah OK, so you mean it's only cooler because of the lower performance with NullcpuPM? I just looked into my case and the cooler seems pretty clean... Kextstat is attached. Thank you. kextstat.rtf
  8. With NullCPUPowerManagement.kext its between 52°C and 57°C, according to VoodoMonitor. Without it VoodooMonitor showed something like 61°C for a second, then it crashed, and now it keeps crashing when I start it, so I don't know if that's the correct temp... I can really hear the difference, the system is considerably louder than before... Any ideas?
  9. Hello MaLd0n, thank you very much, this works great! I only have one problem: To get sleep to work I had to remove NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. Since then my CPU temps got higher and my CPU-fan is spinning really loud. When I add the kext back, my CPU is cooler again but sleep doesn't work. Is there any solution to get my CPU cooler without using NullCPUPowerManagement.kext? Thanks!
  10. TP-Link TL-WN951N with Snow Leopard working!

    I got the TL-WN951N today, but speed is extremely bad in OS X. I get download speeds of something between 200-500 kb/s, but the connection seems to be perfect... In Windows i get like 1,2Mb/s. I got AtherosFix and the IO8211Family.kext installed. Any tips how I could solve the speed problem? Thanks! Edit: I'm using 10.6.4
  11. Dashboard Graphics Glitches SL10.6.2

    Thanks again I already bough a GeForce 8400gs for 30 euro tough and its working fine
  12. Dashboard Graphics Glitches SL10.6.2

    My graphics card is dead because of a short circuit now... Well at least the glitches are gone, but now I am stuck with my old Radeon x1650 pro and no qe / resolution change...
  13. Dashboard Graphics Glitches SL10.6.2

    Yes, I tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes, graphics via DSDT, NVEnabler64.kext, EFI-Strings... I get QE/CI with all of these methods, but the damn glitches wont go away... I got IORegistryExplorer, what should I look at?
  14. Paragon NTFS 8.0 Final released

    Finally! Just installed, works great
  15. Dashboard Graphics Glitches SL10.6.2

    Bandes, thanks for your help. Unfortunately the problem remains after installing your kexts Edit: it seems like I have 0x061310de, not 0x061210de... Because I have a 9800GTX+ not GTX, System Profiler shows 0612 though. So I changed the kexts to that device ID and installed them via Kext helper. Then I rebooted and got a kernel panic at boot :S Really strange, reverted back to the old kexts using single user mode and repaired permissions but still have the kernel panic on boot... Edit 2: restored my system from time machine and tried adding the dev ids again. Added both 0612 and 0613 but still no luck, the glitches are still there... Any other ideas?