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  1. kerimek

    LOL - a min G5 PM? No, just for fun.

    You did amazing job man! I really like it.
  2. kerimek

    My G5 Hackintosh

    I recommend that I still enjoy my computer
  3. kerimek

    My G5 Hackintosh

    Thanks for your Wow This project really satisfied my. So far I had to change GPU to get CUDA support (from GTX 260 to 960) and Hack runs macOS Sierra 10.12.2 without any problems. Everythings work fine - wifi, bt, iMessage and Handoff!
  4. kerimek

    My G5 Hackintosh

    If anybody interested in how back panel looks I post some new photos
  5. kerimek

    My G5 Hackintosh

    Well, the job is done in 95%. Now I have to made back plate to cover holes and still waiting for some black voltage sata cables, to connect third disk (it'l replace tri-color one which can be seen at photos). First I ran FANs @12V. Well it wasnt a good idea. I cant stand the noise... Switched 12V to 5V and it's ok, but still rather noisy. I'll order potentiometer and mount it on 5V voltage cable, to make it less noisy. OS X is already installed. Almost everything works fine... besides booting with dual monitors plugged in (got restart loop). Still struggling with HD4600 and 2 screens, but on good way to solve the problem (framebuffers). I didn't excpect such problems after working on i5 3570k (HD4000) without any problems at all.
  6. kerimek

    My G5 Hackintosh

    Most timetaking part of the project - rewiring the front panel. After searching GND for PWR Switch (it must be connected from FireWire), everything works like a charm bundle of cables after the job. and the mess...
  7. kerimek

    My G5 Hackintosh

    Ok, so the mod continues. Now, i'm preparing the fans, front panel and dividers for new components. All of 4 FANs have 3 PIN plug. I'll use fan controller or molex splitter. Stil didnt decided if it'll be @5 or @7V. I think i'll decide after overclocking the cpu (which will be mounted with Scythe Ninja 3 (passive). The cooling is very good - now (also passive) the i5 3570k @4.4Ghz temperatures are 38 deg. at office work and ~50 deg. at stress. I've realized that I dont have cables for front panel - audio and usb. Just ordered them so the project will have to wait few days. At this point I'm rather happy because the PSU is fully covered by original G5 cover. All of the PSU cables will go under MOBO (thermaltake have flat cables - yay) using original plastic guide. The power cord is glued with original plastic cover - i'll nicely be placed at original position. a flower
  8. kerimek

    My G5 Hackintosh

    I feel so lucky my unit was clean
  9. kerimek

    My G5 Hackintosh

    Hi All, It's my first post on this forum, so greetings for all Few weeks ago, I've decided to do my first G5 PC Case mod, installing OS X (and Windows) on it. I'm something in the middle of the mod (my priority is to keep the inside look of the MacMod as close as the G5 was), and I wrote everything down on my blog site (its in Polish, but there are a lot of photos). I'm not sure if I can put a link in this post, so please enlighten me, if I can do this My target is: Intel i5 4670k (it'll be overclocked) (for now) GPU built in CPU (HD 4600) MOBO MSI B85M-G43 16GB RAM – Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600Mhz SSD Samsung EVO 850 250GB (System OS X) SSD Crucial MX100 240GB (System Windows 10) HDD WD Blue 2,5″ 750GB (Time machine, storage) PSU Thermaltake 530W Modular Here are some photos from stage 1 - dissassembly of the G5.