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  1. Great job andy. I follow your did and boot into ML without Aty_init.kext and GE=no.
  2. AMD HD6970 working under Lion courtesy of Netkas

    Hi {censored}. T tried the package for HD6970 with 2Gb on snowleo and it works like on lion.
  3. ATI Radeon HD2600

    Hi, all. I install snow leo on iMac with ATI 2600 HD PRO and it works fine. Id do't no why the pc's version of this card dosn't work with snow ...
  4. hi proengin; where do you get these kexts;dsmos (x64), nullcpupowermanagement (x64), OpenHaltRestart (x64), PlatformUUID (x64) Thanks
  5. Hi, Download and install the kext bellow, This one for Open Halt Restart. http://store.psystar.com/opensource/openHa..._1.0.3.kext.zip install the kext with kexthelper b7 surch for it on google. it's me again, For hadrware info install AppleSMBIOSEfi Ketx from this link : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=30522 Always instrall kext with kexthelper b7. For About ur cpu info try this package :http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=25391 good luck
  6. Install retail: quelques fixes?

    Salut, Télécharge et installe le package PCEFI v9 à partir de ce lien http://www.megaupload.com/fr/?d=TNRNTIF0
  7. Petite info ! Pour le Shut Down en 10.5.6

    Salut Essayer d'installer le kext suivant; Utiliser KextHelper b7. http://store.psystar.com/opensource/openHa..._1.0.3.kext.zip
  8. First, go to your bios and modify sata mode to IDE. Then install the kext from this link http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=28825 restart your computer then switch sata mode to AHCI and reboot. good luck
  9. Atom Processors

    look at this link http://netkas.org/?p=63
  10. P5K-SE: getting it to work.

    Hi in the bios gonfigure your SATA controler as AHCI not IDE. i hav th ASUS P5E3 mother board and all works fine with kalyway. pathc only audio. the Taruga patcher. (Realtek AL883). good luck