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  1. Nos vamos de picnic

    Yo tambien he conseguido acceleracion de la grafica con dsdt gracias a la incesante ayuda del irc. Muchos agradecimientos a pere y a roisoft. Aqui os dejo la captura: Lo que veis es un xps m1530, t5800 y una 8600m gt.
  2. I've the same configuration and the same problem. Both vista and linux gets 5 hrs with the 9 cell batt, but osx only gets 4. I think too that is the 8600m or the mainboard chipset witch isnt getting power saving mode.
  3. Nos vamos de picnic

    hola a todos. Pere, podias postear el fichero del xps 1530, para probarlo yo tambien, ya que tengo uno. Y el tema de la gpu, no me ha quedao na claro como lo parcheais. Un saludo y gracias a todos
  4. I think you can follow this one http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=119654 Its a general guide for the dell xps 1330/1530, but I think you can get the general Idea from there. Best4you
  5. I'm still here, but nuddelmaddin is so fast... I tried. Frist I edited plist.info, debug mode true, kernel features 0. Reboot whit the debug=0x100 flag. sysctl kern | grep throttle result exactly the same sudo dmesg | grep IntelEnhanced IntelEnhancedSpeedStep: INFO Initializing version 1.3.2 © Prashant Vaibhav IntelEnhancedSpeedStep: INFO On your processor, voltages can be changed in 12.5 mV steps IntelEnhancedSpeedStep: INFO Using 4 PStates sudo sysctl -w kern.cputhrottle_curfreq=1333 And a kernel panic like the photo of nuddelmaddin and nothing util in system.log
  6. If I boot with the -s flag, I load the kext and it says: kextload: /Sys... loaded successfully IntelEnhancedSpeedStep: INFO Initializing version 1.3.2 ... IntelEnhancedSpeedStep: INFO On your processor, voltages cna be changed in 12.5 mV steps IntelEnhancedSpeedStep: WARN there was an error while getting PState arrayt fron ACPI. Please create your P-State table manually #sysctl kern.cputhrottle_freqs second level name cputhrottle_freqs in kern.cputhrottle_freqs is invalid #sudo sysctl -w kern.cputhrottle_curfreq=YYYY second level name cputhrottle_cpufreq in kern.cputhrottle_cpufreq is invalid So, what can I do now?
  7. I've looked into the logs, and I could not find any information about the kernel panick. I just try to change the speed by the sysctl and I get the black screen that teels me to reboot. How can I make a repoort more specific? It's tre that the cpu uses very low vat, but If intel put speedsteep on it. I've a tiny 3 cell batt and I dont wat the cpu to get hotter
  8. hi, I've loaded the extension sucesufuly, and I can get the frecuecys without any problem, but when I try to change the speed, I get a kernel panic I'm running Leopard 10.5.5 on an MSI Wind clon, a Medion Akoya. Is there any solution? Thanks a lot