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  1. Simple, unlike Fut1i1ity, who had strange problems (probably with an old kernel), this works like a charm with DD's script. I have done this several times and no issues along the line of Fut1i1ity's. You mean from the DD script in Leopard and create SL install w custom kexts? No. Snow leopard does system level commands such as mkext rebuilding differently and is incompatible. Once one is in SL they can mkext rebuild with mkext maker for SL. Also once in SL, DD's script can be used. At least this is what I have been told. Already answered yes on that. And obviously as I said before you cant install snow leopard kexts on leopard.
  2. This is false. You need the flag busratio=20 with voodoo kernel if you use i7 before 10.5.7. How do you think the i7 community has been getting by since the i7 introduction? Forget about boot-132 disk, this is trash and does not work well with i7, use iatkos, which is basically boot-132. With iatkos v7, you pretty much is boot-132 with retail and works with i7. On iatkos website they have this message here: If you still have problems, disable simutaneous multi-threading off and change active processor cores to 1. In Iatkos 7 check this stuff for everything (except for graphics, which you should know) Now Check the following iAtkos v7 Main System Chameleon V2 Extra Directory DSDT DSMOS 9.7.0 Kernel Voodo APIC Driver Disabler OHR Remove TyMCE AHCI Intel Sata/IDE Voodoo HDA driver Intel Gigabit Lan Drivers If you have gt200 do this... Drivers>VGA>NVidia>Enablers>NVEnabler Drivers>VGA>NVidia>nVidia GT200 EVGA gotta fix smbios.plist in /extra, read up on that for the ddr3
  3. mattrb

    iPhone maker suicide

    False, people kill themselves over stupid things every day. For example, the suicides after Michael Jackson's death.
  4. You should look at netkas website as well as the graphic card section of this website for info on if or how SLI is possible on OSx. Dont depend on this thread because most Macintosh Users aren't hardcore gamers.
  5. mattrb

    iPhone maker suicide

    You forgot to mention the 14 story fall and that it is being investigated as Murder. Apple related Murder. Dude, that s.hit is sad. F.uck apple for allowing this to happen and not compensating the family. It gives me more reason to not buy snow leopard and get it from the green demon.
  6. Iatkos 7=Retail The new distributions are based on chameleon 2 and are designed to be as retail as possible to avoid people having to reinstall because software update broke.
  7. Next time you have problems with your hackpro then you should use the right venue to speak of your problems. Then we all will be thankful to you for that effort.
  8. Hey bud 1.20 is the only feature you want, it triples the loading time of the ahci detect mechanism. It increases loading performance, its like a new computer.
  9. I thought hardware based Raid does not work. Setup Raid with OSx install disk.
  10. I remember that wiki but it blanked on me when I wrote my last message. Since you may or may not have noticed the smoking chameleon, you may have figured out that I would have forgotten this. Its hard to see the forum with the bloodshot eyes.
  11. I agree. Not that many people want to read an addendum to the tutorial. We should just have a tutorial that has every detail and every possible problem addressed in this possible mega-tutorial. On top of that, I could help out as well. Maybe we could wiki the tutorial as to ease the creation of a group-contributed masterpiece. The first page of this tutorial would link to a wikidot page (free wiki interface) with the tutorial in it. I am sure other people want to contribute. I think this would be the best solution.
  12. This version 4.0 will be awesome now that stellarola fixed the nasty CMOS reset bug in Snow Leopard. Link for the discussion on that topic
  13. Stell, your awesome, you win the hackintosh award!
  14. iCore, just use Google Translate and work from there in getting the obvious misspellings. translated (here)