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  1. kossak

    Broadcom BCM4322 a/b/g/n on Lion

    Is it very hard to try and patch the subvendor id on the kext? seems easier than flashing BIOS then flashing card's rom...
  2. kossak

    Broadcom 14e_4353 wireless card (43224)

    Bump. I'm interested in this also, as I currently swapped the WLAN module on my HP 8540p to a Broadcom 43224AG and I can't get it to work on OSX.
  3. kossak

    Patching DSDT for HP Elitebook 8540w

    Hi all, just to let you guys know I'm following this topic daily and would like to know if there's any news from the more experienced here. I have a HP 8540p (different from 8540w only in GPU, this one has a Nvidia NVS 5100M), my status is as follows: Running latest Lion on: - Latest 8540p BIOS (F.20) - Chimera 1.7 boot loader; - USB 2 works via DSDT (no extra kexts) - Audio works via voodooHDA (but I get occasional KP's if using this, must check different versions or try AppleHDA patch); - Keyboard and Touchpad work via VoodooPS2 - Graphics work via GraphicsEnabler (bootloader) or NVEnabler.kext. Everything else is working although I'm trying with a bare list of kexts (no sound, no voodoobattery) just to try and solve my main problems: - Sleep fails: I think this is related to the GPU, because if I disable graphics acceleration the system successfully enters sleep mode (according to the kernel), but the display stays on. If the GPU accel is on, the display turns off but the computer hangs. - External monitor is not working with GraphicsEnabler. Haven't tried yet with NVEnabler, but I doubt it will work because I still don't have all the data from my GPU on the plist (NVCAP). This might be extra hard because I also have the laptop's docking station which has additional monitor outputs (DVI, DisplayPort and analog). DSDT editing is driving me mad, also. If someone has good pointers to help me inject all I need for GPU acceleration on the DSDT, please help (maybe another laptop with a similar card...) Mald0n, can you link directly to the patches you applied (not the names but the actual patch files). I also need help trying to understand the DSDT file syntax (simple store instructions, function calls) is there any post about it? How about methods / devices that can be deleted, to simplify editing and debugging?