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  1. Launchpad applications missing in macOS Catalina????


    Try This!


    Instead of it auto-adding apps to Launchpad, now you have to drag them there (i.e. on top of the silver icon) selecting all the apps  from your applications folder and drag it on  to Launchpad Icon.

  2. 6 hours ago, ITzTravelInTime said:

    the gtx 650 is not a so old card, I mean geforce 8XXX, 9XXX and 2XX series, the really old ones, the fermi and the Kepler cards are metal capable, so they are still supported, and I am using a gtx 650 to run Mojave too, so I know that the gtx 650 works


    and also older intel and and cards are not supported yet

    Hi Bro!

    I have this Nvidia gtx 650 1gb gDDR 5. will it Work ?