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    iPhone works fine. And we can use smartphone as WIFI card - just disable mobile data and connect to WIFI via android
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    ASUS K541U keyboard and touchpad

    Thank you. All fixed with mix of old and new DSDT patches for kexts of ELAN 1200 branch.
  3. Hi. Today I was boot my ASUS K541U into bootloader but have some problems with touchpad and keyboard kexts. My notebook have integrated ELAN 1200 and I was try using VoodooI2C.kext, VoodooI2CELAN.kext, VoodooI2CHID.kext, VoodooI2CUPDDEngine.kext but device steel not works. In windows systems it's detected as HID mouse device and VoodooPS2drivers cause KP at VoodooPS2keyboard.kext. What kexts can I use to do keyboard and touchpad works?
  4. Try to replace device id in 40 kext(vanilla) plist but after rebuilding a cache have no changes and have auto reboot when used FIX_AIRPORT_4000 ):
  5. Have any chances to run QCA9377([168c:0042]) under 10.12.5 using this drivers?
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    So. This kext have an issue in MacOS Sierra 10.12.5. After sleep sound are disabled on Skylake laptop.