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  1. Thanks. And many thanks for the guide and the excellent installer!
  2. Tseug, I have seen that you made a number of changes to your installer. It would be kind of you if you would give us some details on the changes. (Just the changes) Thanks a lot!
  3. Sorry it was a stupid question. Chameleon can handle disks up to 1 tera. Please disregard the question.
  4. Is it possible: I just installed SnowLeo on a 1.5 terabyte Samsung disk. Chameleon is not working on that disk, it give a couple of error messages, then stops. If i put the installer on an USB drive and run Chameleon from it it works, and selecting the 1.5 tera disk SnowLeo boots happily and works as expected. I hope that somebody has an explanation
  5. Commented out first - no wlan. Moved card to another slot - working wlan. Now i am happy with it and suspend tinkering with SL install for a couple of days.
  6. @tseug @thebiglebow Commenting out pex part and moving the wlan card (linksys WMP300n) solved the problem. I am writing this in SnowLeo! Gentlemen thanks a lot!
  7. My config with DSDT.aml deleted works flawlessly with wlan enabled. Only two issues remained: Bios reset and no audio, as far as i can see i have two options: - create (beg, steal or borrow) a DSDT.aml with one function - prevent os x tinkering with bios and enable audio with kexts (it seem to be easiest with my limited knowledge) - create a DSDT.aml with two functions, bios reset disabler and audio which at the moment is way beyond my knowledge. But a very elegant solution. All in all: I am quite optimistic that wlan could easily work with tseug method and that is the most important
  8. Removed DSDT.aml and wlan is back. So DSDT.aml is the culprit. Since i removed it the KP following restart problem also disappeared. Thanks for your suggestions! I try to master DSDT wizardry and when i have results i'll be back!
  9. @tseug It has been mentioned earlier somewhere, but i think it is worthwhile to emphasize. With ep45-d6q motherboard: if all onboard ethernet ports are disabled for some reason (in my case i used a Netgear ga311 pci card) the installer will return with error message and will not complete the post-install phase. I worked on it for half a day trying every solution, until i removed the Netgear card and enabled the internal ethernet ports. After that install went on flawlessly. Thank your for your great installer! P.S. There is still one small problem left. During install the SL installer recognized my Wlan card: i was able to download 10.6.1 update. After running your installer SL does not see my WLan hardware. I hope this will be sorted out soon.
  10. It works for me. Thanks for the link.
  11. Connect your backup OS X disk and boot from it. Run 10.5.8 combo update. Run LS8V17 script as described on first page of this topic. Boot from your updated OS X system disk. Most of the features will work with the possible exception of sleep. (At least it does not work for me after the update.) I hope LS8 will be back soon with the updated kexts/scripts.
  12. It seems to me mouse lag quicktime stuttering remained in 10.5.7. Therefore Remove /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext
  13. I decided to load all kexts to S/L/E. I works fine. Later, when most of the issues related to /Extra will be sorted out i will reinstall. However - since - OS X updates are not so frequent i do not think it is a great burden to re-run now and then the actual LS8vxx script.
  14. Reinstalling kexts to /System/Library/Extensions works for me too. Reboot is back! Is there any need to remove unneeded kexts from /Extra?
  15. Ls8! It is nice of you to work so hard to update your scripts. Just finished installing ls8v16 and i have a small problem: restart just does not seem to work for me. Please check this with your setup. thanks.