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  1. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    Thanks ! Worked flawless out-of-the-box HW: P35-DS4 Rev 1.0 (Bios F14) E8400 GTX 285 4GB DDR2 SW: Aperture Paragon NTFS 9 iLife 11 Final Cut X MS Office 2011 Not a single problem so far
  2. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    No it has not been. -There has been an explaination on how to drag files to terminal to get the correct path. -There have been vague hints on where the files should be stored -Then there was someone who posted: "for everyone getting this error, you likely dont have InstallESD.dmg in your Lion image. comment out that line from the script and in your install folder, create a symlink called lioninst to whereever BaseSystem.dmg is " which doesn´t make any sense cause installESD.dmg IS the lion image which contains BaseSystem.dmg as hidden file. There hasn´t been a description how to edit the script "mkboot" to make things work. (BaseTarget or InAPPDMG). So i have installESD.dmg on my desktop. Next to it i have the install folder with the script files. I have a USBStick formated as "USB Boot". i open up terminal and drag the mkboot the lion install ap (which i copied out of the InstallESD.dmg before umounting the DMG) and then the usb into terminal. And get the exact same error message.So which part of mkboot do i have to edit HOW to make it work? I guess inAppDMG but entering the correct path to installESD.dmg results in the same error.
  3. Here I have posted my Flat-Image-Guide including 10.5.1 update without EFI Patch
  4. I have almost the same Hardware as you: GA-P35-DS4 Intel C2D E6300 @ 3000 MHZ 4 GB Corsair XMS6400C4 Nvidia 8800GTS 640 2x WD5000AAKS 1x 250 GB Maxtor IDE for the MAC System I do not use my MoBos Sound but an external Hercules DJ Console which was also working out-of-the-box The following method worked flawless: Install: I used the Flat image with an unpartitioned HDD following the flatimage info from within VISTA Ultimate: 1. grab the torrent. 2. extract leopard-x86.rar to the folder 3. open compmgmt.msc and select Disk Management 4. remember what disk (Disk 0, Disk 1 etc) you want to install to 5. remove any existing partitions on that disk by right clicking and selecting 'Delete Volume' and 'Delete Partition' 6. copy the .bat file for the selected disk to the folder << WARNING!! selecting the wrong file may result in a wiped disk!! >> 7. execute the .bat file and wait.. 8. reboot into the created disk [by pressing Esc, F12 or whatever your mainbord wants] and boot into a fresh osX 10.5 install, you can now select your login info, location and so on. 9. if you wanna dualboot from vista, download EasyBCD... 10. if you're having trouble to boot into os x ,press F8 when booting and type -v at the boot screen to see whats wrong and then consult some osx86 forum. DualBoot: Then i installed Easy BCD 1.7.1 & MacDrive Startup EasyBCD > Add/Remove Entries > Add an Entry: MAC Type: Generic x86 > Add Entry > Save After you have installed Mac Drive and rebooted you search your leopard Systemdisk for boot.efi and copy the file to C:\NST\ (Easy BCD should have created a file named nst_mac.mbr in this folder upon clicking Save) Reboot - Now you should have a Boot Menue where you can choose to start Windows or Leopard Partition Creation & Resize: In Leopard i noticed my Systemdisk is only 15GB so i followed the guide provided by Zuza: In Vista I've created a second partition but did not format it. From Leopard I've erased the newly created partition and then used: diskutil list that listed back 2 partitions with the identifiers: disk1s1 and disk1s2 (in other cases might be disk0...) Now, sudo diskutil mergePartitions "Journaled HFS+" New disk1s1 disk1s2 I guess you want to use your 160GB for the MAC OS installation so you might want to create a 45GB partition and merge it to 60GB for MAC Os System. If you want a 2nd partition that is fully accessible from within Leopard create a Fat32 in Windows. Keep it Fat32 if you want to use it in both systems. If it should be "Mac only" use the AppleDiskUtility to erase it and create a journaled partition in the former Fat32 space. If you get an error message upon reboot about com.apple.Boot.plist not beeing found set the Leopard System partition active from within Windows ( I used Acronis Disk Director for all Windows partitioning stuff) Update to 10.5.1: The next thing i did was to install MacOs update 10.5.1 which resulted in my mac System not booting anymore so i had to start over again. This time i followed the instructions by Xanthrax: - Downloaded the 10.5.1 update from apple (you can do it via Software Update, select it and from the file menu, chose "Download only"); - Backed up my kernel (made a folder in the system disk named "kernels") - With Disk Order , set to view hidden files I copied mach_kernel into /kernels (you can do with terminal, or Pathfinder or Xfolders) - Backed up AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext, just in case; - Opened the 10.5.1 update package with Pacifist 2.5.1, selected all, except mach_kernel and installed; - Chowned and chmoded all extensions, just in case; - Rebooted and voila, I have 10.5.1. Software: Now i installed my apps like iWork08, iLife08, NI Traktor, Ableton live.... and updated them without any probs. TimeMachine: After having everything set up to my wishes i decided to use TimeMachine to back it up to my 2nd Mac only partition. Time Machine gave me an error msg about the drive not beeing found (can´t remember the exact error msg) Fixed this with the instructions by The Baron: Sounds like you need the moddified IONetworkingFamily.kext by ToH. Here it is... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HWVMONUU After placing it it /System/Library/Extensions sudo -s *password* rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions.mkext chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext reboot, and keep your fingers crossed Thats my current state... hope my explaination helps you to get it working on your similar hardware. These are my first steps into the world of MAC (This is my first post here ) and I´m not too familiar with the system internals so maybe there is a better/easier way by now, but my way is working great for me and only took me about 1 1/2 hour to get everything working.