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  1. Hi guys, I am in the process of upgrading my z800 from 10.11.6 to 10.13.6. I am modifying my config.plist to create my bootable USB drive. I am using Rockey12 files as reference in order to modify from this post: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/307064-hp-z400z600z800-workstations-os-x-1010x1011x-installation/?page=46&tab=comments#comment-2475176 Thank you Rockey. I would like to know if possible if you guys could share with me a screengrab of the Clover installation screen as I would like to know what options exactly I need to check or uncheck to make the bootable USB drive. Specs: 2x 6 cores @ 2.93 16GB RAM @ 1333 Thank you.
  2. Hi Rockey12 and Chris1111, just wanted to say thank you again for your efforts and the brilliant installer Clover DELL Precision 690 V4. I am still using 10.11.6 on my z800 and I was planning to install macOS 10.12 once the last update is released. I was wondering if I could still use the Clover DELL Precision 690 V4 installer app to create the USB for macOS 10.12 as I find it very straight forward. Rockey, if I want to modify the folder of the installer and add the appropriate files for 10.12 compatibility. Should I just add the modified config.plist + DSDT compatible with 10.12? Thanks again.
  3. Hi J Lamp, apologies for the late reply. Thank you for the advice, I stayed away from attempting PM on this machine for a while. One thing I have noticed is that the MSR lock seems to affect windows 10 as well, as performing the geekbench test gives me the same score. Thank again.
  4. Hi how are you guys. Just a quick question. I am trying to get power management working on my HP z820 it is running dual Sandy Bridge EP Xeon E5 2640. I have set the SMbios to Macpro 6.1. I followed all the steps on the tutorial, I patched the acpipm in clover I also created the SSDT for the system using: ./ssdtPRGen.sh -c 1 -w 3 -turbo 3000 which gives me a warning. The score on multicore geekbench is 24.000 which drops to 20.000 if I disable HyperThreading on the BIOS. Another thing I noticed is that the system won't boot unless I have checked: AsusAICPUPM in clover Please let me know any suggestions I could try. Thank you for your time.
  5. Hi E97, thank you for your reply. I am trying to get in contact with http://www.sixflow.net/ becauseI know how to get audio and USB3 working on the z420. On the freeboard I don't seem to see a way to write the post and when trying to sign in it asks for a phone number. I would like to download the attached files from the z420 and the Tyan build just to try a few things for stability on the z420 and z820. Thank you for advice and the links I will give that a try and let you know.
  6. Hi E97, how are you. I am trying to get power management working on my HP z820 with 10.11.5. It has dual xeons E5 2640 @ 2.5 Ghz. The geekbench right now on multicore is 20.000. I tried to turn off BIOS power management but I get the same results. I was looking into your thread here, could you please tell me how sign in so that I could post comments. http://sixflow.net/osx86/Freeboard/81510 Thank you.
  7. Hi guys, I have been using the z800 with 10.11.5 and it has been brilliant. The one thing I noticed is that the shut down problem got solved with the 10.11.5 update and I can now have wake on lan activated on the BIOS. Thanks again for all your help. One other interesting thing came up with my z420, I managed to install 10.11.5 using Enoch method and Clover. Both methods work but the with Enoch all the hardware is detected by default without any modifications. Please have a look at the screen grabs from the system info with each method. Just out of curiosity, why do you thing this is happening? Thank you
  8. Hi Rockey, The system is excellent. I will start using it every day to see how it performs. Thank you.
  9. Hi Rockey, I have audio on the Z800 tower speaker and on the headphones! I looked on all the clover kexts folders and voodoo was on the other kexts folder. Once I got rid off it, audio is working natively. I now also have GPU showing as display controller with your last modified config.plist. I cannot thank you enough. Absolutely amazing work.
  10. Hi Rockey, I think the config.plist is fine. I wanted to fix the GPU showing as ethernet and having working audio. You mentioned a few posts back that we must eliminate Voodoo kext from the system. I tried to get rid off it but I think the Voodoo drivers are embedded into the AppleHDA.kext. I can still see audio from voodoo even thought I eliminated all the kexts related to it. I am using your AppleHDA.kext but for some reason I still get voodoo audio. I am happy the way my system is right now. I just wanted to see if I could manage to have audio as well. All the rest is brilliant. Thanks again.
  11. Hi Rockey, still no joy with the last config.plist. Thanks again for all your effort. Attached is the one I am using to have a bootable hard drive. config.plist.zip
  12. Hi Rockey, the modified DSDT loads fine but I am still getting the panic with the modified config.plist and I get this boot screen. If I use the original one It lets me boot without problem into the regular clover boot screen and normal boot on the OSX hard drive. Thanks.
  13. Hi Rockey, I tried with the modified config.plist but I get a panic on boot. I am using the original DSDT as I don't have a patched one. Thank you.
  14. Hi Rockey thank you for doing this I appreciate your time. One of the things I find interesting is that when I boot with chameleon and OSX 10.9.5, when I modify turbo boost in the BIOS the processors go from 2.93 Mhz to 3.06 Mhz. Chameleon seems to detect all the changes correctly. Even when you add more ram, new PCIe cards and hardware in general. Thank you. Report Z800.txt
  15. Hi Rockey please find attached my dsdt extracted with AIDA 64. Thank you. acpi_ssdt.aml.zip