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    AMD prototype with Apple components...

    you do no that the amd FX-57 is about 10% faster than the FX-60 so the FX-57 would beat the conroe in speed/performance and gaming w00t amd still the best because in 2-3 years amd is coming out with quad core and the amd athlon 64 FX-57 can be overclocked to 3.5ghz stable on stock o and an amd athlon Xp 2800+ IS 20% FASTER THAN A duron durons are so old
  2. i say u are all wrong intel core duo's are socket 478 and run from anywhere from $200-$500 http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....rice=&maxPrice=
  3. master123467

    what u thnk this powermac would score?

    ok i just bought a power mac G4 dual 1.25ghz with 2gb and a ati radeon 9800Pro 256mb and 120gb hdd so what do u guys thnk this power mac G4 might score in Xbench
  4. I thnk tht windows is ten times unsafer than mac or linux LINUX and MAC ROCK
  5. master123467

    does 10.4.3 provide 3d accel and 1280x800 on ati?

    install the sse3-->sse2 patch tht will fix the mouse track tears
  6. master123467

    Windows is unbootable!!!

    heres what u do since u made the mac os x partition active and forgot to make the windows partition active before u deleted the mac os x partition download ultimate boot cd and burn it to a cd and go to hard drive tools then randish partition manager and go to the windows partiton and press B ok or what ever it says for flag on/of which means active and not active ok tht fixs it ok
  7. master123467

    Wal-Mart $378 Laptop

    there is better X series ATI support in 10.4.3
  8. master123467


    ok to get this update i need to add 2gbs to my mac os x86 partition how do i do this ive tried profit42's way but when i try to boot into tiger it tells me to reboot so i do then i put in the command -x and it still doesnt work is there another way of making the mac os x86 partition bigger