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    maybe someone can help me I can't for the life of me get chameleon bootcd to start it says loading and then done but no selection comes up to let me select the installation disc I have a usb stick I can try to boot from but no idea how to put just the bootcd on it tried making it bootable but no luck.can anyone help I have windows 7 64 bit installed on half the hdd acer aspire 5315
  2. I have a copy of mac box set copied the sl dmg to dl dvd when I boot from the boot cd I get can't find mach kernel am I missing a step?
  3. snuffy58

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    thank you so much juzzi works great and you to snoopy be great if I could read names lol
  4. snuffy58

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    ok I've tried everything to get QE to work so I'll ask for help with an hd2600 pro pcie everything from natit to white fix to drv bundles different pkgs changed devid get no signal has anyone got it working? I have 10.5.5 with a P5Q board any help???I'm willing to try anything even if I have to reinstall and start from scratch
  5. snuffy58

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    ok double post by accident but any canadians looking for lan fix go to radio shack aka the source by circuit city and pick up a dlink dfe-530tx only 15 bucks and works great.Now I just need sound and get QE/CI to work on the ATI hd2600 pro and I'll be a happy camper. ASUS PQ5 Intel 8400 (still trying to figure the overclock settings for this thing) 6 gig kingston ddr2 800 ATI HD2600 Pro PCIE onboard audio (not working)
  6. snuffy58

    P5Q LAN

    For any canadians wanting lan to work go to radio shack aka The source by circuit city and pick up a d link DFE-530tx only 15 bucks and works great. Now just have to get sound and QE/CI working n my hd2600 pro and I'll be a happy camper. using ideneb 10.5.5. PQ5 Intel E8400 (trying to figure out overclock settings on this isn't easy) 6 gig kingston ddr2 800 ATI hd 2600 pro pcie
  7. snuffy58

    usb installation

    thanks but my problem is its going on a laptop that has windows on it this is for someone with tiger already I just want to know if its possible and how to do it from a usb pen drivemy mistake i didn't mention that my desktop I have it in already but not the laptop sorry for the confusion
  8. snuffy58

    usb installation

    I've looked read and searched but can't seem to get an answer since I have a cd drive on my laptop only can I use my 8 gb usb pen drive to install leopard 10.5.2 I did it with vista no problems but every time I try I get no boot manger found with every copy I've tried to install. I have amd 64x2 with asus a8n sli deluxe mobo with 2 250 gb sata hard drives. Assuming it can be done can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  9. snuffy58

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    "First of all, I don't know who you are calling an idiot, but I've heard rumors that the image is being uploaded online from several forums. You may be referring to them as idiots, but surely not me. " Megamacosx I'll give you a small lesson theres 1000 posts in here and the thread is going daily so no its not dead. In my many years of designing and installing custom audio/video rooms I've found everybody wants it done yesterday when in fact it can take many months.So chill when its released I'm sure you will know or wait heres an idea check the posts or wiki it will be there. And as far as rumours go I heard rumours 6 people are going to jump off the edge of the grand canyon but I don't call them hourly asking if they are going to rumours are just that rumours when this is released everyone will know it and you can go nuts with it until then chill out use tiger or rev 1 and familiarize yourself with kexts and how to change them because you can bet not every system will work out of the box.Oh yeah and just a little hint since your not paying for it but begging alot you might want to thank all of the people involved in doing this it is done on their spare time and for free and I'm pretty safe in assuming they have personal lives too.(right guys lol) and thats the last I will say on the begging pleading or whatever you wanna call it topic.
  10. snuffy58

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    good point doix its a 110 page topic and could probably lose 30 of them from idiots asking(or begging) for it to be released before its ready and they would be the first to scream when theres a kernel panic because it was released early
  11. having a problem with the update I just installed tiger 10.4.10 on a spare hard drive all went well and before installing another program I did an update and installed the osx update then went back to the other tiger instll on reboot and ran marvinns amd utility selected patch all on the bottom and /volume/TIGER/ for the volume everything ran ok but when I tried to boot back into it just keeps on a reboot cycle won't load the os did I miss a step?? Can anyone help?
  12. snuffy58


    I installed v51 and set it to boot_v5 seems everything worked ok then on reboot it'll boot up just goes to a blue screen nothing more am I missing something?
  13. snuffy58

    Need MAJOR hard drive help

    assuming its a western digital hard drive go there and downlowd data lifeguard and get the cd then burn it andlet it run at boot up and select set up your drive it will set a partition and format it then you can go from there or hook it up as a slave to another comp and format it that way
  14. snuffy58

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    don't get all freaky zeph tried it comes up chown -rf is a bad command gonna try to reinstall it see if that works
  15. snuffy58

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    I have the same problem with the keyboard and mouse ps2 mouse won't work at all and only a few keys work from keyboard(arrows escape caps) I copied the appleps2controller from tiger into the leopard but same thing also I tried a usb keyboard and same buttons work no letters or enter anyone have any suggestions????