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  1. At this point, I'm beginning to suspect it might be an issue with my hardware since others are having success with iwi2200 on 10.5, but not me. I'll try your command next time I'm able, but otherwise I might have to work on finding a different laptop (I've tried multiple different iwi2200 cards and none are working, so might be a wireless controller or mobo problem)... Thanks again for everyone's efforts on this, I've actually tried loading various other Linux flavors on a different machine again, and really nothing stacks up to everything I like about OSx86, so I am very happy to keep pursuing this project even if it is quite a bit more work!
  2. Hey jalavoui, nice work on the iwi2100!! Any ideas about the iwi2200 on 10.5? Wondering if there are some extra instructions I need to follow to get it to work right (Other than just install the DMG and restart). It's not showing up as an airport device or anything. This is the same system & iwi2200 card that worked on previous builds of iwi2200 for 10.5. Thanks!
  3. Meant to mention I gave that zip file a try you posted, it def doesn't work, actually gives a KP, and has to be uninstalled in single user mode, so I'd scratch that version... jalavoui - Today I downloaded and tried the very latest SVN for iwi2200 on Kalyway 10.5.2 fresh install. It's not showing up as an airport or anything, is there anything additional I need to tweak or edit in certain files to get this to work? Apologies if I've missed the instructions anywhere else. Also tried running networkSelector as root, it says "Could not get ID for kernel control 2" Also nsGUI appears to load and be running in process list but is not showing up at all in my upper bar... I believe I'm following any correct instructions to install, please do correct me if I'm wrong, would love to be able to report a success! Thanks much...
  4. Thanks Aivarz! I'll give this a shot when I'm able and report back if it works. I imagine this might help out quite a few others who will come back around to the forum and find that now there is a non-working driver on SVN Latest (when it used to work reasonably well...)
  5. Guys, I would love to have an answer to this too! Anyone please help out a fellow OS x86 enthusiast and post some clear step by step instructions to get this to work on 10.5.2? MANY thanks in advance, let's all continue to help each other out with this!!
  6. I would ABSOLUTELY love it if anyone had any step by step hints they could quickly lay out to get us working with this. I know this Dell True Mobile (Broadcom) wireless can work on 10.5, but I certainly can't figure it out for the life of me! Please help a fellow OS x86 enthusiast out and let us know the right trick! Thanks much!!
  7. Sorry guys, been away from project way too long, but got myself a fresh Kalyway 10.5.2 install now on a Dell D600, tried latest iwi2200, and similar to the others - no dice... What I am EXTREMELY curious about is the fact that this iwi2200 driver USED to work quite well on 10.5... But seems that we have reverted to a non-working state. Does anyone by chance have the older good working version they can post here. Might be super helpful to the entire project in general. Thanks again for everyone's hard work and helpfulness to each other with this!
  8. Well, now that I can get through the installation wizard, when I actually hit install it tells me there was an error reading the disc and that I need to "clean" it. I've tried burning a new DVD from the ISO & verified MD5, so this should be the correct version of JaS 10.5.2. Anyone had this happen and able to resolve it? Many thanks
  9. Gujal, you are a genius, many thanks for taking the time to respond here, and thanks to all who take the time to help each other out in these forums. The installer was able to load right up after disabling the LAN controller in BIOS. Once I complete the install, I will find and delete that AppleBCM5751Ethernet kext via single user mode -s, and re-enable my LAN controller in BIOS, and I should be good to go. Will report back if any other difficulties with this.
  10. Many thanks Gujal, never occurred to me. I will give it a try tonight and report back..
  11. Upon closer investigation, I set debug=0x100 and it appears that the DVD boot is failing on AppleBCM5751Ethernet kext. Is there anyway to disable this certain kext from loading during the DVD boot? I imagine it would have to be a bootup option command, since -x still doesn't work and you can't edit the Boot.plist on the DVD.. Thanks for any advice.
  12. This should help fix your boot problem: http://www.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/index.php/t94900.html Sound worked fine on default for me on my D600. Graphics doesn't though, runs at a slow default type speed, I'd be interested to hear anyone's solution for that on this model. Been reading through tons of old forums on this that didn't have any valid solutions for 10.5. Thanks!
  13. Anyone by chance know what might be going on? Looks like some kind of KP when booting from the JaS 10.5.2 DVD. It goes for a while but finally gives the error screen that instructs to hold down the power button until the machine powers off and restart. I've tried both -x and cpus=1 modes with the same behavior. Using -v, it looks to be a Kernel Panic "Kernel trap at 0x0041effb" that it finally fails at. Would be highly grateful if anyone has any ideas, not finding much about this in the forums.. I'm figuring there's some sort of option I can use to get this to work, as others seem to be having success with this install DVD. Thanks!
  14. Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    FYI, I've added this post to a more specific forum topic I found about this exact matter. If anyone has any ideas and sees this, please reply to the following forum link. Many thanks for supporting the communitiy and sharing your steps to success! http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry784871
  15. Hey, big bump on this. Unfortuantely I am having similar problems with a new Dell TrueMobile 1400 (Broadcom BCM4309MP) on a Dell D600. I've added the <string>pci14e4,4309</string> to the IO80211Family.kext in the appropriate spot, and also tried modifying the NetworkInterfaces.plist with en0, en1, & en2 each time with no luck. Repaired permissions, multiple reboots. Wireless card not showing up. It works in Windows XP and I've made sure it's "enabled" in BIOS, but still no luck. Been spending hours reading through forums on this, does anyone have any ideas/steps to share they did with this exact card to get it to work on Leopard? Does a different method need to be followed in Leopard vs. Tiger? Would be highly grateful. This is on a Kalyway 10.5.2 install... Many many thanks for the OS x86 community supporting each other and sharing steps to success..