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  1. Anyone know how to blank out a logic board serial number? When Apple refurbishes them, they erase the serial number, so the technician has to re enter the serial number for the computer it goes into. They use a special CD, and it can only be done once. How do they (Apple) erase it? I know that the SN is stored on the boot ROM chip that also holds the EFI.
  2. I updated to 10.6.3. It seemed to have messed up my graphics. I have the Intel GMA 950, no Nvidia. After going to 10.6.3, the screen saver lags, and stutters. I can't even use the iTunes viulizer. I can't play iTunes movies in full screen, it stutters. I have to play videos regularly in iTunes. It stutters when I move the mouse enabling the on screen controls. I'm going to go back to 10.6.2. Any idea why this update has changed it?
  3. Okay. Could that still be the DVD drive's issue, even when Rebel EFI is used? It loads the SL DVD for 1 second, then kernal panicks? Also, if I use a Thumb drive, do I just highlight te cotents on the retail snow leopard disc onto a thumb drive, and will that work? Also how will te booting of a thumb drive work? Do I have to do any different steps? Or do all the steps, as if it was the DVD? Thank You Leppy for your help, and great work. I'm really glad you made hackintoshing that much easier for beginers.
  4. I'm using the D620SLv1.iso thing, but when I put my Snow Leopard disc from the Apple Store in, I doesn't work. I doesn't work with Empire FI, Rebel EFI, or the older Boot 132. I bought the $30.00 disc, as it contains the full version (Or I think It did) Is my disc defective? Also, I can install OSX 10.5.4 Server. it installed fine. But how will I be able to update to 10.5.8? I used Apple's software update, and it kernel panicked. I'm going to try, going to 10.5.5, then 10.5.6, then doing what Your guide said. If you have recommendations, let me know, as I'm a bit lost. Leppy, thatnks for your amazing work! It makes hackintoshing that much easier. PS, I have the D620, with 3GB ram, and Intel Core Duo T2300E at 1.66GHz, and the Intel GMA 950 on a GMA945 chipset. I do not have the Nvidia option.
  5. Hello everybody. I have a Gateway MX6426 laptop. It has an AMD Turion at 2.2GHZ, 1 GB or ram, and an 80GB hard drive. It has Windows XP on it right now. I'm using this guide: http://tgrounds.blogspot.com/2009/04/leopa...on-your-pc.html and want to know if it will work on my hardware. I do not plan to keep running OSX on it, as I'm getting a real Mac in 2010, but want to fool around and get it to work. I'm downloading an iPC_OSx86_10_5_6_Universal_PPF5_Final off uTorrent. I know its not a good idea, but this is only a test. Will doing what I'm doing work. I'm following this guide step buy step, but want to know if my hardware will be supported. I also have a Leopard CD, so I do already have a license.
  6. Help!

    How do I get Marklar-Tiger.dmg or Marklar-Tiger.iso? I can;t find it! Also same with this! Generic_OSx86_Install_DVD_Patcher_Release1.rar! I Do Have A Geninune copy of Mas OS x Tiger!