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  1. Has anyone gotten managed machine preferences to work? I enter the machine into the MacOS X server with the hardware UUID & MAC address in Workgroup Manager and set a simple option like login screen, but nothing is ever applied to the machine.
  2. What do you mean "PC gets to see most of my iMac and not just the shared folders?" By default it is going to share home directories, so it's no surprise when you input your username and password you can view that user's files.
  3. I've got this installed and it is working keyboard and mouse. But what I have is one of those 1U rackmount consoles with a trackpad. And when I use the trackpad left and right it is good, but when I use the trackpad up the cursor moves down, and if I move the trackpad down the cursor moves up! Is there any solution to this? I tried just a PS/2 to USB adapter but when I use it it is detected but the keyboard and mouse don't work. It is interesting it seems to work, but if I press caps lock on the keyboard the light doesn't illuminate. This trackpad and also the PS/2 to USB work with other (Linux) machines just fine.
  4. I thought DSDT was supposed to be the best way to get everything working, so it's not? So if I have sound/LAN/sleep/graphics all working with kext then there are no more concerns? What about speedstep, booting to 64bit mode and getting rid of AppleNullCPUPowerManagement?
  5. Does anyone know if there is any cheap motherboard that will work 100% with premade DSDT? All I see in this category are (what I think) expensive boards. Anything in the $60-80 range?
  6. If I was going to buy a $200 motherboard with the intent of running MacOS on it I would make sure there's a premade DSDT for it.
  7. I also don't play games and I just finished downgrading my card from 9500GT 512mb to 8400GS. I can't tell any difference. The reason for the change is I wanted a card without a fan. 8400GS you can find anywhere for $30 even in the retail stores and I've seen plenty that with mail in rebate puts it at around $10. This is my daily computer. I have a 24" monitor 1900 x 1600 and I can't notice any performance issue before or after but like I said I don't play games on the computer.
  8. I just did one for $230, $209 if you count the rebate on the video card.
  9. I appreciate your effort but I read your guide and spent alot of time following it.... The resulting drive was not bootable. Its also not clear if you are installing server components OVER client or you are using client simply so you can install onto another drive... I did the latter. What I discovered is server install is IDENTICAL to client install, plain and simple. Insert [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] disc, insert retail pressed DVD, install, run updates, run [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], install any needed drivers. Done. One thing that slowed me down is I figured for a server I dont care about graphics so I tried a random cheap old ATI card I had laying around but installer booting would KP, so I just got a less-cheap Nvidia 8400 card for $35 locally.
  10. Is there some place to download the chameleon disc?
  11. Cannot get past grey screen

    The issue is the keyboard and mouse! The ones in the laptop do not work. When I connected an external keyboard and mouse everything is well. In other machines I seen this during the install the keyboard and mouse need to be replugged for them to work but after that it is fine. Now I can boot MacOS but still the internal keyboard and mouse do not work.
  12. I have the same exact setup with the same exact issue except I am using Parallels 5. I think the issue is the bootloader. Did you install Win7 first and then OS X? I had similar issues in Linux trying to boot a Windows partition from VirtualBox. When you install Vista it installs its bootloader, then OSX overwrites it. This is fine since you are using the OSX bootloader e.g. PC_EFI but when you try to boot direct to that Windows partition it does not work any more. Anything involving Windows and another OS on the same hard drive is always a problem... even on a 2nd hard drive if it was in the machine when you did the Windows install. One solution is to add all the partitions into VMWare so when you load the virtual machine the boot sequence is the same as the real machine and the bootloader sees the same things. Parallels will not let me do that -- there is no way to add the Mac partition or just the entire disk. It will only let me select "Boot camp partition" And yes while the "most ideal" situation is that you not share the Windows installation it is a waste of disk space and a waste of time to maintain 2 Windows install on the same hard drive.
  13. I have installed on this PC Windows 7 and then OS X 10.6..2 from the Hazard disc. Everything is working fine and I get the PC EFI bootloader and can pick between Windows and MacOS at boot time. In Mac OS I installed Parallels 5 and it automatically created a VM for "Boot Camp" however each time I try to boot it I get a message that is is preparing the partition for use. After a while it says it is going to boot and that I should install the parallels guest tools. After this I can see in the parallels window a virtual BIOS and it can not find the boot disk. It this possible to get working?
  14. Cannot get past grey screen

    Following all the instructions for netbook install exactly, it would kernel panic. I then started in verbose mode and it showed it was panicking on AppleHDA.kext so I tried the safe mode and it would get past all that and load a grey screen with the mouse cursor and that is where I get stuck now with each way I try to boot.
  15. I am attempting to install on Dell Inspirion 11z (1110) noteboot. I have used the NetBook installer on a PPC mac and followed all the instructions. I am able tog et the Dell to boot from the USB hard drive. Without doing anything it kernel panics due to AppleHDA.kext. I can boot with safe mode and it goes past the Apple logo and I get to the grey desktop with a mouse cursor, but nothing ever happens. I tried all the possible options... cpus=1 also seems to make it get to the grey screen. And last I put the install hdd back in a mac and deleted AppleHDA.kext and it now can boot the install to the same point without any interaction. Sometimes the mouse cursor will turn into a spinning beachball. What should I do in this case? I am trying to install into a notebook without an optical drive.