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  1. I have now finally updated clover so that I can run MacOS 10.12.3 with a MacBook Pro 13,2 SMBIOS. I'm still having an issue where every few times I boot, there is no audio and the speaker is grayed out in the status bar. Does anyone know how to fix this? It's minority annoying because I need sound and whenever the system boots with no audio, the screen flashes every time I get a notification, even though I have that feature turned off. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Edit: I used Kext Wizard to repair permissions and rebuild cache, which appears to have fixed my issue with the F2-F4 keys not changing volume. However, I'm still getting a grayed-out sound icon in the status bar after following several other people with the same problem. Should I just reinstall the audio kext from the GitHub repo? Turning off the card reader as well as the camera in the BIOS has actually increased my battery life far more than I expected.
  2. I'm wanting to update to 10.12.3 but have never done an update to a hackintosh using clover. Just to be sure I don't screw it up, I wanted to see how to go about it. I know I have to run the combo update and then potentially boot from my original install usb to get back in. Will copying my current clover folder suffice to get everything working again after the update completes? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I know updates are often system specific when problems can arise. Also as I've never changed board IDs after getting a machine running, will I need to clear my iCloud cache after changing to the 13,3 system definition and changing serial numbers for those services to work again? Thanks
  3. Honestly, I just got lazy at the beginning of getting the machine running, no real reason in particular. I was still getting artifacts too at first in the status bar and window bars and that fixed it without me finding my mistakes.
  4. Alright I'll give that a try and see how it goes. I used a tool from a website not endorsed by insanelymac to install ONLY the HD530 graphics and that got everything working for me. I can't say the name of it here or it gets censored but I used it only for graphics and deleted it
  5. I didn't do it manually because I thought clover configurator did it automatically. Thank you for your help! I'll compare mine and make sure the info is all correct.
  6. What changes other than obvious SMBIOS settings like serial and board ID did you make to get the MBPro 13,3 definition to work? I couldn't get it to run more than two minutes without a KP just testing out the default definition. I really need to get a working laptop system definition because the iMac definition won't let me control the screen auto-dimming or give me access to advanced battery settings. Thanks
  7. It might be possible that the same underlying issue is behind my inability to change the volume with the Fn keys... I haven't found a fix yet, but if/ when I do, I'll see what potential there is for fully enabling multitouch gestures Also, any laptop system definitions I try will boot and then I'll get a KP and crash after about 3-5 minutes. I don't want to attempt any more system definition tweaks until I know of one that will work, since I've already fixed iMessage and stabilized everything 100 times better than El Capitan on my machine with the included iMac definition. I don't know how some of the patches work, but maybe there's some commands that operate differently behind the scenes on an iMac vs. a MacBook. Edit: I'm using MacOS software version 10.12 and I saw that 10.12.2 fixed the volume button mapping issues. Has anyone performed an update without problems and is it worth risking breaking the system by upgrading just for the sake of having volume control? I understand software updates have other benefits as well, but I'm a bit nervous to upgrade just because I use this computer for school.
  8. Try clearing NVRAM and restarting. I've seen that work for other people having the same problem.
  9. Hey wmchris, I was sad to see your great tutorial disappear from the other website and I'm glad I was able to find it over here. I've successfully installed Sierra on my i5 9550 and only have a few kinks to work out. My USB ports won't recognize anything and my volume keys stopped working after I enabled HD530 fully. I'm sure these are relatively easy problems to fix and I'm just overlooking something. Thanks for your work! Edit: USB functionality is working and now my only problem is that the function 1-3 keys do not work to change volume. Does anyone have any idea on how to resolve this?