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  1. Hi. I've searched far and wide for a solution to this problem and nothing I have come across works. Basically, the read and write speeds of my firewire drives are horrible. I am running a vanilla installation of 10.5.5 on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R motherboard. I have 3 firewire cards: A SIIG PCI-X Firewire 400 card, A SIIG PCI Firewire 800 card, and An off-brand PCI-X Firewire 400 card. I've tried all three... I've tried every possible combination of two... I've tried each one individually. I've also tried three different firewire drives on every possible combination of cards. One drive is a G-Tech, one is a LaCie and the third is an off-brand enclosure that I stuck a spare drive in. In all instances I always get an average of about 8MB/sec for both read and write. I used the AJA Kona System Test program to determine this. Several people have had success using the kexts from 10.4.9. This certainly helped for me, but it's still not up to where it should be. With the 10.4.9 kexts, I get a write speed of 12MB/sec and a read speed of about 32MB/sec. The read speed is fine with me, but the write speed is obviously very slow. I also tried the kexts from 10.4.7, but that just causes all sorts of errors on boot. All of the threads I could find on this topic end with no solution. There's gotta be somebody out there who figured this one out, or could maybe help me troubleshoot it and settle this once and for all. Update: If use only the PCI Firewire 800 card (not PCI-x) along with the 10.4.9 drivers, I get normal transfer speeds. But I can not for the life of me get anything acceptable using either of the PCI Express cards. Could this have something to do with the PCI-X bus? Or the Firewire driver's interaction with the PCI-X bus? Thanks!
  2. To the people who are having the "com.apple.Boot.plist not found" error.... Try formatting your drive as an MBR partition. That worked for me. In Disk Utility, go to the partition tab, click on the 'options' button, and select "Master Boot Record". For some reason, it seems to default to GUID which our BIOS can not read. Good Luck!
  3. oh i know its been stated a million times. I thought maybe hearing it a million and one times, or at least phrased a different way might make it easier for some people to understand.
  4. Ahha. There is your problem. Evolution is guided by two main forces: random mutation and natural selection. Random mutation is of course random, but natural selection is a very non-random process. Saying that 'life is too complex to have come about randomly' is a red herring. Of course life did not come about randomly. Once we had a self-replicating molecule, the (non-random) forces of evolution are free to take over. You may then ask, 'well where did those self-replicating molecules come from?' Some research into abiogenesis may help you out there. I also wanted to address the issue of why ID is not scientific. One requirement of a scientific theory is that it is falsifiable. This means that we can, even in principal, set up an experiment that would falsify that theory. ID is not falsifiable because there is no experiment we can do that could prove it to be wrong. (This is the same reason that fairies and leprechauns are not accepted as scientific explanations for things). Evolution on the other hand is falsifiable. One thing that comes to mind would be finding human remains in the same geological layer as, say, dinosaur remains. Another thing that would falsify evolution is for this ID being to come out and tell us he did it
  5. To say that supporters of evolution are pushing some political agenda is false. They support evolution because they have reviewed the evidence for it and have found it to be the best explanation for the diversity of life that we have right now. If someone wants to present a better interpretation of the evidence, thats fine, thats what science is about. Most scientists have not found ID to be a better explanation because it does not meet the criteria of a scientific explanation The problem here is not politics in the classroom (thats an entirely different problem), the problem here is religion in a science classroom. If you are going to have classes on religion, thats fine, but keep it in a philosophy class. My comments were not intended to attack any aspect of ID or its proponents. It was a response to your claim that ID has nothing to do with religion. My point here was simply that the majority of the supporters of ID have something more than just an Intelligent Designer in mind. Specifically, they have the Christian God in mind. Lastly, you are right, I should not have said EVERYBODY denies evolution for religious reasons. What I am going to say is that everybody who I have ever encountered who denies evolution does so because it is not compatible with their religious worldview.
  6. That is at the least being disingenuous. ID advocates do a very good job of assuring the public that what they are doing is good science, while at the same time assuring it's supporters that this is going to 'bring god back into the classroom'. This becomes evident simply by looking at what advocates of ID are actually saying. The leading organization in support of ID right now is The Discovery Institute. An internal document that was leaked to the web and later acknowledged by the institute as authentic says the following: "Design theory promises to reverse the stifling dominance of the materialistic worldview, and to replace it with a science consistent with Christian and theistic convictions." We can also look at quotes from leading figures of the ID movement. Here's one by William Dembski, "Any view of the sciences that leaves Christ out of the picture must be seen as fundamentally deficient." One could go on and on with quotes like these. The truth is, although many people would like you to believe otherwise, that the only reason anybody denies evolution is for religious reasons.
  7. Azureus for 10.4.3 working

    Hi. It seems that after I upgraded from 81111 to 81111a, whenever I launch Azureus my entire system locks up. You cant even move the mouse or use the keyboard. All you can do is do a hard power down and reboot. Has anyone else ran into this problem? Any ideas as to why this is happening or how it might be fixed? It worked great before applying the patches to my 10.4.3 81111 installation. Also, this is the latest version of azureus im using ( and I could never seem to get oder versions to work right. This is the only piece of software that I am having a problem with. Thanks in advance for any advice.