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  1. nv_disable not working anymore with HS betas

    i'm getting the same behaviour with the later betas; apple screen with just a spinning spinner forever, right where the video would first fire up the Nvidia card. I boot to a DVI monitor attached to the Intel 4600 graphics, but I guess that's not going to work for HS. My plan is to get an AMD Vega card and toss the 950.
  2. I'm replacing my $100 GTX-950 driving two 4K monitors with a Vega later this year, so cool.
  3. OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    Anybody seeing more instability with beta 6? Since Monday I've been getting one reboot a day like clockwork . . . machine might freeze for a second, then reboot.
  4. Clover General discussion

    yup, assuming booting into e.g. Yosemite can handle the copying of kexts into /L/E, hackintoshing 10.11 is currently hanging by that single bit : )
  5. Clover General discussion

    At least there's less stuff in /L/E. If point upgrades don't mess with FakeSMC in /L/E, this will be just as good as being in the EFI. Heck, I could even just reduce my CSR flag to unsigned kexts, 0x01. Scary having my Mackintosh hanging by a single bit, but there we are : )
  6. OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    disabling the security in the recovery partition is the safest thing you can do, unless and until bootloader hackers perfect unsigned kext injection into the prelinkedkernel (in /System/Library/PrelinkedKernel), which IMV is not a path I'd willingly go down. after everything is installed and the prelinkedkernel is updated, you could reenable security. But I've been using OS X since 2000 and I don't see a big need for this level of lock-down. I never install anything that needs my admin password. let's just hope Apple keeps this security disable option open for us . . . if we lose this, things get hairier.
  7. Clover General discussion

    I think the laughter comes from the primary real-world effect of CSR being to lock out FakeSMC unless you can get a kext signing certificate (Good luck, now!). 0x00 is mostly just CYA from Apple, to remove a potential attack vector that could hit millions of Macs. Hopefully they'll continue to keep OS X open enough for us few hackers and our cheep x86 hardware . . .
  8. Clover General discussion

    Decided to go with v2.3k 3252, SIP is no longer in the house! Here's hoping Apple stays cool with that . . .
  9. Clover General discussion

    Anybody know what is CSR, btw, and how is it different from MSR? I assume it's structured nvram storage, so both Windows and OS X can share it, but CSR seems more complex than MSR . . . If I have a gigabyte Z97 mb, is it safe to boot into the 10.11 installer and (try to) turn security off via the utility menu command? Apple says once you do that that setting will persist between OS installs, since it is in NV storage . . .
  10. Clover General discussion

    beta 5 also doesn't allow setting this from a normal boot . . .
  11. OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    yes, I rescued my DP4 install by booting into my Yosemite partition and moving the kexts from EFI/CLOVER into /S/L/E (plus chown root:wheel on them) DP5 didn't require any post-update maintenance, but other people are reporting DP5's rootless is preventing boot . . .
  12. I'm installing Yosemite for the first time this weekend on new hardware, and have assembled a config.plist from various sources, mainly working UD3H builds . . . Any comments welcome! Questions follow: /ACPI/DSDT: <key>#Name</key> <string>DSDT.aml</string> I don't have an aml yet, so commenting this out is correct? /ACPI/DropTables: <key>Signature</key> <string>DMAR</string> This is in some configs, not in others . . . /ACPI/SSDT: <key>Generate</key> <dict> <key>CStates</key> <false/> <key>PStates</key> <false/> </dict> Should I just go ahead and enable this now, or wait? /Boot: <key>Arguments</key> <string>dart=0 slide=0 kext-dev-mode=1 rootless=0</string> VT-d will be disabled in BIOS too. I intend to reuse this config for 10.11 so I put in slide and rootless too. . . On the installer boots I will add -x -v maxmem=4096 -no-zp manually too -- hopefully it is better to be safe than sorry . . . /Graphics <key>ig-platform-id</key> <string>0D220003</string> Is this necessary or will clover automatically configure for the i5's 4600? /KernelAndKextPatches <key>AppleRTC</key> <true/> necessary? (I will run Clover Configurator after installing to massage the /SMBIOS values more) Thanks for any advice! config-plist.txt
  13. Worth changing for a Gigabyte Motherboard?

    If you have a free PCIe slot you can try this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-iMac-Desktop-PCI-1X-BCM94360CD-802-11ac-1-3Gbps-BT4-0-Wifi-Card-WF-AC360-/201222487334?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ed9cb7d26 mine came in a week and while I don't have a hack yet it's been working flawlessly for a week-plus in my Windows 10 box, with the bootcamp drivers. well, haven't tested BT all that much, just checked to see if it connected to my magic mouse.