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  1. norcimo


    Greetings, Tested on 10.11 and currently working on my SuperMirco XD8T3. Thanks to RehabMan for FakePCID, install all Kexts. (all were modded with the 82576 VEN&PCI ID. ) your done. FakePCIID.kext FakePCIID_Intel_GBx.kext SmallTreeIntel825576.kext fully running at GB speed, DHCP, no more error dumps, sleeps , shuts down and restarts. Good Luck Gents.
  2. norcimo


    Same issue with the the Super Micro X8Dt3 , el capitan.
  3. Hi, I got everything to work. Excellent job guys, but here are my observations. The issue with the bad or laggy display. I was able to fix by using the DSDT file and Appleintelframebuffercapri.kext from post #59. you may want to update the Surface pro file to include it. When I updated to version 10.10.1, I had to remove the Appleintelframebuffercapri.kext and reinstall it again. Everything when smoothly. Questions: 1. How do I get a on-screen keyboard to display at logon prompt? so that I may enter my password without connecting the keyboard. and 2. I can rotate the screen, but the pointer is still of axis, is there a fix for it. I'm using a rotate utility found online from Mage. V1.2 display rotation menu. It works , again the mouse does not seem to follow. thanks
  4. norcimo

    TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Yes. I have the following success on these models: Motion LE1700 (10.6.7) Fujitsu: t4215 (10.6.7) IBM X60t (10.6.7) IBM X61t (10.6.7) Motion LE1600 (10.5.8) You requiere 3 things for it to work, TabletEnabler.kext , Apple16X50Serial.kext , Tablet Magic. (trick) use the built in digitizer on Tablet Magic to modify the (Apple16X50Serial.kext). reboot. If it works great good, if not , Move the Kext to the desktop and reboot...then use Kext Helper to install the same Apple16X50Serial.kext ....fix extension permissions. reboot.. Tablet Magic should work fine.
  5. I have Snow Leopard 10.6.7 running on the Motion Computing LE1700. Everthing works except: Bluetooth: (work in progress) Infrared: (no intrest) Sleep: (work in progress) SD and PCMCIA Ports: (haven't applied kexts yet) Fingerprint reader : (not recongnized by protector studio) INTEL GMA950 Quartz / OPgl : accelaration WORKS SOUND: WORKS WIFI: WORKS WAN: WORKS TABLET DIGITIZER : WORKS BUTTONS: WORKS USB PORTS: WORKS I have the single core version with the XVGA ...it rocks.. can't wait for a dual core.
  6. norcimo

    office 2011 wont install

    YES IT CAN! I HAVE FOUND THE SOLUTION! IM RUNNING 10.6.6 on a D420 DEll and a X60 IBM TABLET. It's your kernel. Simply put, the kernel. Some of those patched kernels are real garbage i must tell you. I replaced the "legacy_kernel" I was using from 10.6.6 package i got from KEXT dot com with, a kernel from my bootloader "IbootRC5r700.iso" I also used 10.6.6. of sleepenabler.Kext.. (be warned...if you want to test out kernels, remove the sleepenabler just in case) and thats it. It install flawlessly.. in 32 or 64 bit mode. WE ARE HACKINGTOSH! AND WE RULE!
  7. norcimo

    office 2011 wont install

    Anything going with this? can it be done?
  8. norcimo

    Lenovo Idealpad S10-3t

    Lets begin a information thing here. I have succesfully installed this version of the disto: iAntares OSx86 10.6.3. The installation must done as basic as possible. Just choose the last Atom kernel 10.6.3 and thats it. Nothing else. It will fail, but you will be able to boot using -x. once complete with registration it will boot fine or you can use a alternative bootloader on a USB. 1. So far we know that the graphics are the 3150.. no support yet, but you can have the full res. 2. There is video on you tube showing the touch screen working..we need more info on this.. 3. Audio seems to work..have not on mine need to figure proper chip set and how to install the injection or HDA...I seem to forgoten on how which one is the proper methods. Please help. 4. WIFI.. no dice.. but, you can replace or add a wifi card in the unit. Thats what I did, installed a compatible Airport Wifi... one of those Broadcoms mini pci on ebay. Snapped right in, and work with no further efforts. USB works, ethernet works (with some editing). Power on and off works.. PS. the installation is completed in chinese.. you must go thru it like this and change the language in the preferences. thats it for know... LETS GET this thing working as far as possible!
  9. norcimo

    (FR,EN) Project Archos 9 Hackintosh

    What version release you installed? IDNEB, IPC ,LEO , KAL? which one?
  10. Sanzzi, This is of topic, but may I ask you. did you get the sound working properly on your Le1600? I have the same tablet with Leopard 10.5.8 everything works, but the sound. The AC97 Kext outputs sound thru the mic. in mono. hence the issue.? do you have the same problem? of not can you upload your audio KEXTS? or tell me how you got it to work? PS. did you try a different version of TABLET MAGIC? and a TABLET kext? i had the same problem, I downgraded the veriosn and used tablet kext and tabletmagic.. no issues so far. Thanks
  11. norcimo

    Radeon Xpress 200M

    Im working with callisto3 , still no acceleration,, it works ok, but no DVDs.. Please dont give up.
  12. norcimo

    Drives X200m - Acer Aspire 3100 - NO QE/CI

    HI , BUMP. dId anyone ever fix the ATI x200 video (x5975) on the acers 5100? Im running callisto3 ..its ok, I do have 1280 *800 res, but I thinik the QC/Ei is not working... Thanks
  13. Hi guys. I have fix for the problem. At least for me, I'm using a HP pavilion laptop DV2500 with GMX3100 video. Intel 965 chipset. I send this over to PCWiz. too. here's a copy: I FIXED THE INTEL GMAX3100 ID : 2A02 , blue screen issue many users are having. Thank you for an excellent release. For this case, I used an unpatch version of the beta IPC 10.5.6 release. But I suspect that ppf and ppf2 does not affect it. However, if you do the INTEL PATCH FIX PPF, I can not get it to work. So I got a work around that will point you to on the proper direction when using an unpatched ISO. I'm a a HP PAVILION DV2500 LAPTOP. The Screen Res is 1280*800. 1. The installation goes without a hitch. As a matter of fact, for some reason the system boots up @ 1280*800 with full acceleration. The initial driver installation package I used was the INTEL GM950. 2. After the system installs itself, I get a full screen video of the MAC OS, an intro video with full sound as te system boots. AWESOME. 3. Once gone thru the registration process, desktop appears full screem , changeable resolution. etc..etc..everything as it should. If I reboot the machine, it will hang indefenitely. this was the problem.. So before I did any reboot, I went into the extension folders and saw all AppleIntelDrivers**.kext. THE GM950 and the X3100 plus all its sister and brothers installed. I removed the all the gm950, left only the X3100. After the a restart, the system would not come up. I used -s and the start up and manually made my way to the extensions directory. I saw 2 other files One was: AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext The other was AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext.orig. So I deleted AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext Exit, and the system came up @1280*800 with full acceleration. reboot and came up again. no issue, used OSXTOOLS to enable Quartz, no issuse. rebotted, no issues. Conclusion: AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext.orig., I beleive is the original file installed during the setup process, and It works perfect..I can't explain it. The extensions for the buffer also changed, please pic. ' I hope maybe you can, since know you can do a fix. Thank you.