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  1. The Trackpad kexts for 3830TG work on my machine with synaptics trackpad. I however can not seem to get the battery status working. It works properly when I first install ML2 but as soon as I install kexts in patch #1 it just has an X through it. I even tried to run the battery.pkg from install disk but it kernel panics me at that point on reboot. I am not sure how else I can explain this better here. In my s/l/e folder I have appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext plus appleintelcpupowermanagement196.0.0.kext from patch 1 folder. It doesn't seem to matter which one I delete..... after clean install and patch kextxs from patch #1 I can not seem to get battery indicator.
  2. I guess there is no way to install SL retail on this board? So then, I am looking for iDeneb, which version?
  3. dsmturbo

    MSI P965 Neo SUCCESSS!

    I know this is an old post, but is there still no way to install retail SL or Leopard on this motherboard
  4. dsmturbo

    Best netbook OSX easy install

    Thank I have been there numerous times. Actually I now have a MSI Wind U123 and the HP Mini 210-1077CA. It seems both will run OSX 10.6. The guides that the netbook compatibility list refer to for the HP are either for a 110 or a 311. I can't really find one for the 210. The Wind seems like a good candidate but is slower I believe. I'll keep looking
  5. I have 2 netbooks and would like to run OSX on one of them. I have a MSI Wind U123 and a HP Mini 210-1077CA I don't know which would be the easiest install, I would like to do a vanilla OSX from a retail DVD. Thanks
  6. I realize this thread is really old, but is there any chance of installing a retail OSX 10.6 on this motherboard?
  7. dsmturbo

    Introduce yourself.

    I have posted here before, Hello to all from Victoria BC Canada I can not seem to get the Quiz to allow me to take it, I do not get a link for it, it doesn't highlight Part 1 or Part 2 under Quiz in my Controls
  8. dsmturbo

    Compaq CQ10-400CA

    Would someone be able to tell me if this netbook will be able to run SL or should I not bother? I can't seem to locate any posts with this model CQ10-400CA
  9. I just redid my sparseimage file again last wekk, backing up okay, then today says verification needed and create new image in TM. I can't figure it out, I must be missing something when creating the image. Does anyone else still have problems using TM backup with a WHS setup?
  10. I too have an issue where my TM backups are fine for a bit, then error out on verification, and I have to start all over again. Is this perhaps due to me not Locking the info.* files in the sparseimage file?
  11. dsmturbo

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello everyone, been a member here for a few years but not many posts. I want to build a cheap machine that will allow me to install retail OSX 10.6 without many problems. So, I will check the stickies and try and build an inexpensive hardware combo