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  1. Here is a review from Sound On Sound, there's one sentence mentioned that"In essence, you're paying less than a third of the price of Logic Pro and getting over 90 percent of the functionality. " So, guys, stop waiting for crack of Logic Pro http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/aug05/arti...ogicexpress.htm
  2. georgios

    sound card yamaha WAVEFORCE192XG

    I wont give any hope on pci cards
  3. georgios

    M-Audio AudioPhile 2496, pci soundcard

    Since apple switch from pci to pic-e, there's no hope for drivers of pci hardware, unless some person do it themselves, the chance is almost zero.
  4. georgios

    ProTools LE 7.1.1 Mac Intel available

    Have you ever use Mbox (or Mbox2) to do some synth work? like soft instrument? Is there any latency or crackle etc?
  5. georgios

    Logic Express 7.2 Has been Released

    Downloading. But, the size of it is only 3XX mb?
  6. georgios

    the limit of 32 tracks in pro tools

    Cracked Pro Tools lack of some function, I dumped it
  7. georgios

    the limit of 32 tracks in pro tools

    I once used an am3 and PT LE 6 for a while. the sound quality is great. But I'm afraid OSX wont support it .
  8. georgios

    Anyone has a working Logic 7.2?

    I mean cracked version
  9. There's no Logic Pro 7.2 working, even cant find a logic express 7.2 working
  10. I dont mind testing it for several bucks to have a second hand one. But my damn PCI slots are full........
  11. no such a thing exists, dude. I've studied a lot of stuff, including promise, Highpoint and acard stuff. I myself bought a tempo trio which is designed for mac and a promise ultra 100 card, no one works under mac os x86
  12. georgios

    Just how RAM intensive is OS X?

    1G is not enough at all for me , however
  13. f*** intel motherboard again
  14. I have some dvd-roms , and I bought a sonnet tempo trio since I want to hook them up to sue both on Windows and Mac os x86, unluckily, I'm totally disappointed, it doesnt work with my old pioneer dvd 116, 106s and even my LG 4163B dvd burner, only work fine with lite on 167t dvdrom, even worse, it wasnt recognized by mac os x86 . So what card should I choose to use on both platform?