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  1. IPS Driver Error on Forum

    Have you folks thought about fusion IO?
  2. IPS Driver Error on Forum

    Hmm, if this is currently due to daily planned maintenance, we could just simply get redirected to a page that says: "We understand that you are fans of everything Mac and Apple, but even fanaticists need a little downtime. The InsanelyMac Forums are currently down due to routine maintenance, come back in 15 minutes and we can resume the craziness!" until the maintenance is over. That's what we do at work whenever we have a planned outage for a critical service during the wee hours. We have people working 24/7, so maintenance has to happen sometime.
  3. kernel_vanilla_92 no graphics, audio, or networking kexts (you'll hand install these later) mobo chipsets -appleonboardpcata -applegenericpcata apps -ktexthelperb7 other addons -lastnetkasbios -pcgenusb_fix and you're good to go!
  4. RAID Compatibility List and Performance

    Are you having an issue with your 3120 RAID card?
  5. RAID Compatibility List and Performance

    I'm using the HighPoint Technologies RocketRAID 3320 I have 8 500gb Western Digital WD5000AAKS in my RAID 5 array. Running 10.5.1 Kalyway Intel Q6600 2.4ghz 8gb of 667mhz ECC Kingston memory D975XBX2 Badaxe2 HIS x1900xt Video Card Here's my xbench of the array. Results 235.41 System Info Xbench Version 1.3 System Version 10.5.1 (9B18) Physical RAM 8192 MB Model Mac Pro Drive Type HPT DISK 0_0 CPU Test 138.99 GCD Loop 283.79 14.96 Mops/sec Floating Point Basic 137.70 3.27 Gflop/sec vecLib FFT 111.98 3.69 Gflop/sec Floating Point Library 110.34 19.21 Mops/sec Thread Test 405.99 Computation 398.21 8.07 Mops/sec, 4 threads Lock Contention 414.08 17.81 Mlocks/sec, 4 threads Memory Test 158.59 System 183.91 Allocate 222.75 818.03 Kalloc/sec Fill 161.40 7847.45 MB/sec Copy 177.71 3670.52 MB/sec Stream 139.40 Copy 127.90 2641.77 MB/sec Scale 131.40 2714.65 MB/sec Add 151.54 3228.15 MB/sec Triad 150.01 3209.01 MB/sec Quartz Graphics Test 217.64 Line 177.13 11.79 Klines/sec [50% alpha] Rectangle 234.27 69.94 Krects/sec [50% alpha] Circle 187.82 15.31 Kcircles/sec [50% alpha] Bezier 178.42 4.50 Kbeziers/sec [50% alpha] Text 469.44 29.37 Kchars/sec OpenGL Graphics Test 246.39 Spinning Squares 246.39 312.56 frames/sec User Interface Test 335.25 Elements 335.25 1.54 Krefresh/sec . Disk Test 468.08 . Sequential 279.96 . Uncached Write 314.65 193.19 MB/sec [4K blocks] . Uncached Write 449.77 254.48 MB/sec [256K blocks] . Uncached Read 125.20 36.64 MB/sec [4K blocks] . Uncached Read 1112.67 559.22 MB/sec [256K blocks] . Random 1426.88 . Uncached Write 707.05 74.85 MB/sec [4K blocks] . Uncached Write 1212.34 388.12 MB/sec [256K blocks] . Uncached Read 5165.70 36.61 MB/sec [4K blocks] . Uncached Read 2698.65 500.75 MB/sec [256K blocks]
  6. Partitoning HDD - Problem/Confusion

    Think Johnny Depp.
  7. My system is perfect- bad axe 2 Q6600.

    Hey Tasc, Thanks for the reply! So I tried BrazilMac's guide located here:http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2008and went through the whole section for making it Bootable. Actually, the script.sh of the ToH installation does all of this, believe it or not. But I decided to do it by hand. Part 1) "diskutil list" - helps you find what partitions are active (they'll be listed as disk[0,1,2,3,x])" fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0" (so whatever drive you want to edit, say disk0, using the fdisk command write "rdisk0 - if it's disk1, then use rdisk1, and so forth) So now you need to decide what you want to boot from. You want to set the GUID partition active cuz this is where your MBR is supposed to go. Since it's the first partition, you'll type: flag 1 or f1 short. (Most of these fdisk commands can be run with their first letter.) If you're still not sure which is the right partition, type: print (this will give you a list of partitions, active ones are flagged with a *)-----After you've flagged it. You gotta implement it, yah? Type: w (to write) q (to quit, if it asks if u want to do it and that it requires a boot, yeah, of course! ) -------I'm not done yet, so I'm now at the part "MAKING IT BOOTABLE" (sidenote: too bad it's still not bootable)Ok, one gripe I have about this guide and other guides, they never tell you the location of the files. But it's ok. If you kiddies want to find stuff, you need to know BASH.BASH aka Bourne Again Shell is a command line interface, basically the one most of the world uses these days, and it's what you're using if you open terminal in the ToH install dvd. To find a file, type: find . -name boot1h (that's the entire command you need to enter with modifiers to find the file "boot1h", if you want to find something else, substitute boot1h with the string you're looking for, you can use the * too as a wild card flag) If you read the BrazilMac guide as a newb, you would be pretty lost, and I don't blame you, it's just one of those things cuz the community is geared towards those that have already tooled around with Tiger in the beginning. If you look at the Tiger guides and forums, you'll find a lot of advice that can possibly apply here too. ------------back to workOk, so I used the find . -name boot1h command to find out where this mysterious boot1h file is. (Keep in mind, I don't know where startupfile or boot or anything else is either, but I can figure that out knowing how to find files in bash) So the file is in /usr/standalone/i386, so to get there, just type: /usr/standalone/i386 and you're here. Next command: umount disk0s2 This should unmount your partition so that you can edit it with the following commands.(the only problem I had here was this: umount disk0s2 2007-11-22 03:10:43.833 diskutil[141:10b] _CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 2007-11-22 03:10:43:876 DiskManagementTool[142:10b] _CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 and I'm not sure that's supposed to be good.)Anyway, let's pretend nothing happened! dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 bs=512 count=1 The rdisk0s2 reference is to your actual EFI Partition where the OS sits (at least that's how I interpreted the guide, let me know if I'm wrong) The step after this is to run the startupfiletool. But since I'm running off the DVD I need to use the ./ modifier to run any binary. If you're doing the same, REMEMBER THAT.So, I'm still in the /usr/standalone/i386 dir Now run this: /usr/misc/./startupfiletool -v /dev/rdisk0s2 boot (yea, newbs, that's right, i used the ./ modifier in my path to glory!) Now to bless the partition. bless -device /dev/disk0s2 -setBoot -verbose (tricked you this time, it's not rdisk anymore!!) Now to remount diskutil mount /disk0s2Bless -mount /Volumes/whateveryourvolumenameisyoudillhole -setBoot -verbose And you're supposed to be OK now to boot. yeah, this didn't work for me.Time for the Tiger to Leopard install. Another thing to note. I also tried GPARTED LiveCD and that didn't help, this was a solve for b0 and /com.apple.Boot.plist is not found error from the uphuck website. What was most notable was that I kept getting. umount disk0s2 2007-11-22 03:10:43.833 diskutil[141:10b] _CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 2007-11-22 03:10:43:876 DiskManagementTool[142:10b] _CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 when executing /usr/misc/script.sh -and-trying to mount and unmount my volumes. what the hell dood.
  8. My system is perfect- bad axe 2 Q6600.

    My friend, who runs BADAXE 1 D975XBX. Works perfectly (minus sound) Install Method? -Tiger 10.4.10 => Leopard Upgrade (Also 10.4.8) Installation Release? - ToH RC2 Hardware List: Intel D975XBX (BADAXE) [most current bios] Intel E6600 2.4ghz nVidia GeForce 7600GT 256MB Seagate 250GB SATA Drive (on SATA 0) LG DVD-Writer w/ Lightscribe Began installation, left for dinner, came back with install logged in. QE/CI works, Power Management works(suspend, hibernate, shutdown), Can run Dual Display, CS3, Lightroom 1.3, FinalCut Studio works too. Did not run /user/misc/script.sh Did not run postpatch Did not use FDISK to set boot partition. ------He is currently testing a blank drive for installation. Will have more details in the morning to see if ToH will work with a Fresh Install. really_guest, are you from roma?
  9. ToH Leopard RC2 Installer Won't Load

    Dood, your computer is super duper ancient. If it's really from 1999, you will be NOT running a Pentium 4 but rather Pentium 3, 2, or Pro.. But the fact that you're using RDRAM and a 1.30ghz P4, means you're running generation 1 stuff. Most likely your computer was made around early mid 2001 since the 1.3ghz cpu was released after the 1.4 and 1.5 ghz models. All you have is SSE2. You'll need to follow these directions found in this post. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=68077 (provided you could actually even install and boot) But since you can't even get that far, Maybe it's time to consider an upgrade or consider a different installation method, ie flat img? [PS-You might want to consider changing the subject (if you can) to say "Toh Leopard RC2 Installer Won't Load" to clarify your issue to lurkers]
  10. My system is perfect- bad axe 2 Q6600.

    Hmm, It'd be nice if someone posted some BIOS screenshots. I tried with the ToH RC2 install, no dice. I'm running the: BX97520J.86A.2674.2007.0315.1546 version 2674 3/15/2007 Setup includes: Intel Q6600 2.4GHz Core 2 Quad HIS x1900 xt Western Digital WD5000AAKS 500gb sata drive 8gb ECC 667mhz PC2-5300 DDR2 by Kingston Pioneer 18x EIDE DVD-RW Drive When I boot, I get a b0 error. I tried running the /usr/misc/script.sh and that didn't work, I also tried using FDISK myself to modify mbr records, and nope, still no workie. I'm going to flash my bios and see if that helps. I'm pessimistic, but I'll report back in 30 minutes. -----------------------edit welp, it's at least 30 minutes later now b0 error still. I'm running the latest bios from Intel: version 2802 10/25/07 ::sigh:: I'm next going to try an upgrade from a 10.4.8 JAS
  11. when the system restarts, you should be prompted by the darwin installer and a count down should occur, did this happen? does your original tiger install still work?
  12. Partitoning HDD - Problem/Confusion

    uhm yeah, first, did you try booting the install cd, at all?