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  1. Any Success on an Asus P5B?

    Hi Guys, how have you felas got you ethernet working? thanks
  2. Thanks! i've tried adding the graphics efi string, the very same string i've been using for leopard. i've also tried generating a new string with efi studio. i've also worked out if i add anything any lines to the boot.plist the same the thing happens! for example inbuilt ethernet etc. if delete the efi string or any lines added to SL Boots. this happens with chameleon rc3 and netkas 10.5. any ideas, seems quite odd. thanks
  3. Hi blackosx, your guides are totally ace! i have i problem with my install. i have followed the instructions and have a booting stable snow leopard. the problem is every time i edit the boot.plist with an efi string for graphics or lan the system no longer boots. in verbose mode they boot screen stops at "acpi_smc_platform plugin" timing out. do you have any ideas what the problem is? i have searched the net but to no avail. thanks ben
  4. Logic 8 error on JaS osx 10.4.9

    I sorted this problem today. i upgraded to 10.4.10 and the sync problem was gone.
  5. Logic 8 error on JaS osx 10.4.9

    hello, i have this problem with logic 8. does anyone have a solution? installed JaS 10.4.8 then pached to 10.4.9 installed logic 8 2 seconds of playaback i get this error. "error while trying synchronise audio and midi sample rate 33117 recognised" any help would be much apprecheated. thanks