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    HD P4000 noopen QE/CI, need idear, thanks a lot

    any progress with P4000? I wish to launch QE with this card too!
  2. if somebody will try clover with our laptop, please let me know if you find something interesting. I'm not fresh of free time now, it'll be interesting if you'll find something that I didn't say
  3. ok, got it. I missed your signature. I suggest you to download dsdt_lion v5 of this laptop from first post, bcc9 included exact patches what he is doing with DSDT before final compile. there is several patches for battery. check it.
  4. do you have dell 1340 laptop? yes, there is some changes from bcc9 in dsdt
  5. hello, download my efi.zip archive from previous posts, (for clover), in the config file you'll see there is binary patch. you can find those hex bytes and see what it patches
  6. bcc9, it's hard to say about benefit, but I like to patch kexts on the fly. I didn't try, but I believe you can use SATA in AHCI mode with windows if you'll boot if from clover.
  7. ok. I decided to make guide for people who wants new feelings from our laptop with mac os x. How to use Clover with our laptop. Here we go. 1. First we need to make USB Flash. Download easy tool for windows to install Clover bootloader into USB flash drive. BootDiskUtility.exe.v2.157b.zip I hope you understand it'll delete all data in USB flash. Press format disk and it'll be ready. Open your USB flash. In the EFI.zip you'll find all files you need to add / replace. Quick review: \EFI\ACPI\patched\*.aml : here we have dsdt.aml (lion v5 based + sata addons) and ssdt.aml inject for sata from native mac. \EFI\drivers64\ION-64.efi - edited driver from native mac by Oscar09 from Applelife \EFI\kexts\10.8\*.kext: 9400m_gstate_inject: Apple graphics power management injection, MacBookPro5,5 model AppleACPIBatteryManager: Battery icon that I use. AppleACPIPS2Nub, VoodooPS2Controller: ps2 keyboard and touchpad from bcc9 FakeSMC: you know DellBluetoothHCI: bluetooth and settings for Clover: \EFI\config.plist some notes about patches for kexts in memory: 1. AppleRTC patch included, no CMOS reset after reboot. 2. Reboot is fine without any Openhalt restart kexts and edited loaders. 3. SSD Trim is enabled 4. AppleACPIPlaform is patched on the fly for working battery icon. 5. I didn't include AppleHDA patches, I use VoodooHDA (for some reason, it's only one device I really like where Voodoo works better than original AppleHDA). For AppleHDA you need to install pkg from first post. How manage all this? Add files from my EFI.zip into your USB flash with clover bootloader. Boot from USB flash drive, choose partition with mac os x 10.8.3 (in my case) to install Mac OS X to hard drive. You'll find all touchpad, keyboard and etc works out of the box. Boot into your fresh installed Mac OS. Download newest Clover. Now it is this: Clover_v2_r1211_pkg Install Clover choosing all drivers. Install as GPT EFI. After it's being done, you'll have mounted EFI partition of your HDD. ****if you'll need to mount it manually, use: sudo -s mkdir /Volumes/EFI mount_msdos /dev/diskXsX /Volumes/EFI/ to umount: umount /Volumes/EFI/ **** Copy again my files from EFI.zip, but into EFI partition now. Reboot. And... the system doesn't start anymore. It'll always open EFI shell, but it'll still boot from your USB stick. Now the trick: Go to Dell bios and switch AHCI mode into ATA mode. You'll find all works. Clover can't initialize AHCI SATA controller for itself, but it can manage it to boot Mac OS X. So, you're helping to initialize controller by switching to ATA. But clover uses SATA in AHCI because of ION driver. Hope you'll find this guide useful! EFI.zip
  8. Good day. Long time no opening this thread. I went out of mac os x 1,5 years ago (if not more than 1,5). Still have this laptop. Now I try to (and have full success) to boot it using clover loader. Works fine, found some good stuff in applelife for mcp79 ahci controller. If somebody is interesting in more info how it can be done, I'll post. Now still experimenting.
  9. olegpronin


    kozlek, may you show your PTID device? I'm looking for TSDL method, but it doesn't exist. Asus motherboard has CWDT device (instead of PTID) and this device has hardware realization Device (CWDT) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("INT3F0D")) Name (_CID, EisaId ("PNP0C02")) Name (BUF0, ResourceTemplate () { IO (Decode16, 0x0454, // Range Minimum 0x0454, // Range Maximum 0x04, // Alignment 0x04, // Length ) }) Method (_STA, 0, Serialized) { If (LEqual (WDTE, One)) { Return (0x0F) } Else { Return (Zero) } } Method (_CRS, 0, Serialized) { Return (BUF0) } } And one more question, why is SuperIO driver connected out of specific device?
  10. ok, found how we can get rid openhaltrestart. I have recompiled chameleon with restart fix, exactly ps2 restart fix: fadt_mod->Flags|= 0x400; fadt_mod->Reset_SpaceID = 0x01; // System I/O fadt_mod->Reset_BitWidth = 0x08; // 1 byte fadt_mod->Reset_BitOffset = 0x00; // Offset 0 fadt_mod->Reset_AccessWidth = 0x01; // Byte access fadt_mod->Reset_Address = 0x64; // Address of the register fadt_mod->Reset_Value = 0xfe; // Value to write to reset the system but I don't understand, why it doesn't work when I simply enable it in my config. There is the line about intel cpu in sources that disables this existed facp fix. But anyway, got it working, and for people who doesn't want to recompile chameleon, here is the boot file from latest trunk with working reboot. You can remove openhalt. boot.zip
  11. Sent a pm to bcc9, but I'll duplicate here. How do you, guys, use the external vga display? I can't understand how make it working normally. 1. it doesn't support hotplug it seems. there is needed to do a reboot or sleep then external vga detects. When I turn off external vga and eject the cable, it still think that vga monitor is there until reboot/restart. 2. I tried different nvcaps + injector from MacBook5,2 with 9400m card with different nvcaps, but no luck. Still same trouble. 3. when I get external monitor (1920x1080) and laptop's display both working, how can I use full screen external with 1920x1080 resolution? It seems it's not possible here. I can set 1080 resolution only when my laptop display increases the workspace. In mirror mode I can't do it. I loved the option in windows - when you close the laptop lid with external vga display connected, it automatically swithed resolution to 1920x1080p and since lid is closed, internal display is turned off. Once lid is opened, external display is switched to same resolution like laptop's display. Did anybody try similar fixes?
  12. What am I missing? -> Absolutely nothing I'm still using chameleon not tonymac's branch of chameleon. Have you found anything working better with chimera? -> No, I was suggested to try it and it works well. I really see no much difference. I said info by ioreg, there is machine without 's'. yes, you're right.
  13. bcc9, you made wrong injector. It the "Machine" need to be added, not "Machines"
  14. Hi again, bcc9. I forgot how I checked out agpm myself without any kill-a-watt and can't check. I used very long time windows 7, then I moved to arch linux for some time. Then I tried windows 8, understood that it is a {censored} and decided to return back to 10.8 and seems like it was best idea. I tried to work with Clover bootloader setup, but it doesn't see our mcp79 ahci controller. xpc - still not work. So, I use chimera now, seems to be good. 10.8 seems to be much better than 10.7 after some time of usage. Mac OS X still has worse power management than windows 7 for me, but it's not so critical. Playing with mac models now to make some results about draining the battery.
  15. Hi guys and bcc9. How are you? I hope you're fine. Just want to notive that AGPM kext injector must be changed. The path in AGPM was in the root with MacBookPro5,5. Now it must be in the Machine/MacBookPro5,5 I'm talking about 10.8 Please add in the first post