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  1. No bluetooth USB, I got native Wifi/Bluetooth with Broadcom chip.
  2. Which Olarila did you have? If you have Discord, join the Hackintosh server, you will get plenty of help. I'm over there too so shout me when you join. https://discord.gg/dpPCkU
  3. There's your problem - VGA doesnt work. Get another connector and use that, I guarantee it will work. I'm using displayport to hdmi converter and it works fine on my setup.
  4. What other devices are attached when you boot? Try and slim everything down so its just 1 hard drive + keyboard and mouse Also, you're not using VGA to connect your monitor are you?
  5. @Donw35 Does your sleep work over long periods? I.e overnight? Mine works OK for short periods, but overnight it sometimes hangs. @nowhere44 Try installing with Olarila, you can go on their website to download the latest image, or its on piratebay. It worked for me on another unit I set up 2 days ago.
  6. Same with me, I plan on waiting till November/December until they've ironed out the initial bugs. I doubt the procedure will be much different to Mojave though. Interestingly enough the CPU in these HP 800 units (I5-4590) is the same CPU they used in the 2015 iMac... so plenty of life left in this HP machine for sure.
  7. @Donw35 Do you plan on installing Catalina on this system?
  8. Thanks to you guys I got my system to work, just updated to 10.14.6 18G95 perfectly fine! Updated to Clover bootloader 5055 fine too. Much appreciated for your hard work guys, I will assist people in anyway I can in this thread too.
  9. No. I'm on 10.5.4 and the same audio works.
  10. Has anyone got restart/shutdown working with a Q6600?
  11. So you have a choice to install either?
  12. What's the advantage of using server over retail Leopard?
  13. No problem here. P5B Q6600 Modbin 9.4
  14. Does this mean you can install updates from Apple with no problems?