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  1. I changed from mac pro 6, 1 to imac pro 1, 1 and now my nvidia graphics is working but the rest of my i/o is buggy. is it because the dsdt needs to be redone? here are my imac pro info if someone can patch for me, i would be grateful. ty untitled folder.zip
  2. I have installed the dsdt in the patched folder, and ran the Nvidia update command. I also added the boot argument nvda drive = 1, but it still fails to load web drivers, and in about Mac it says 7mb display, no indication of my gtx 970 being recognized. the graphics is also very slow with frame tearing.
  3. imsobored

    Can't open CUDA Preferences in system preferences

    I am having the same issue on Yosemite. You can’t open CUDA Preferences preferences pane because it doesn’t work on an Intel-based Mac. Weird that I never had this issue before. It's new...maybe try an older cuda? Edit: Tried an older cuda install file from 2014...works. Try it out. For yosemite, try CUDA Driver Version: 7.5.30. This is the latest one I am on and its working now.
  4. Hello, I am working on my system to run Yosemite 10.10.5 and everything works well except the devices connected to my USB 2.0 ports are acting as USB 3.0 ports, and this is an issue for me because my Audio Device doesn't work well in USB 3.0 ports only in USB 2.0. So as you can see, this is a hassle because in System Report, my USB Audio device that is connected to a USB 2.0 port, shows its connected under USB 3.0 port in system report. I don't know why this is. Attached are my DSDT/ IOREG files if anyone can help me fix this issue I would be grateful. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b20in3mzmsyz5y5/AAD7TWu-9OH987-c4CqW3DADa?dl=0 My setup is: MSI Z97m-G43 Motherboard 4790K 16gb Ram Crucial Ballistix SSD 256 Corsair LX Yosemite 10.10.5 Clover EFI install method using Rampage Dev SMBIOS set to 15,1 Imac Kexts installed: Fake SMC Realtek Ethernet Kext Thank you everyone
  5. 5820k here with a Gigabyte UD3 motherboard. Seems like the SSDT is causing my USB Sound Card to boot really really late. System boots up fine, power management and speed step work fantastically. Just can't get my Apogee Duet2 to power up when the system does.
  6. Wow, your score is way higher than mine. I get 3500 single, 20000 multi. Are you overclocking?
  7. Hi, is it pretty stable so far? I have a 5820k with a Gigabyte X99 UD3 motherboard and a GTX 780 I am worried it won't be stable as Yosemite 10.5
  8. Hi I have a GTX 760 and a R9 270X. The 270x is better at rendering effects and exporting in FCPX, while the GTX 760 has better performance for my gaming. I am running 10.10.3 and was wandering if I could install both of them, have my monitor hooked up to my GTX 760 for normal day to day tasks and gaming, while having my 270x installed on another PCI-E slot, soley used for accelerating in FCPX.
  9. Ah ok, I have the nvda_drv=1 flag checked also, and it still does it. I guess it's a bug. Thanks guys.
  10. Hi everyone, My system is a i7 5820k Gigabyte x99 UD3 EVGA Gtx 760 with Reference Cooler Yosemite 10.10.3 I have the latest version of the web drivers and cuda drivers for mac, but after every reboot The Nvidia Driver's go back to OSX Drivers instead of the Web Drivers...it wont stay on Web Drivers. Can someone help? Thanks!
  11. imsobored

    Random Freezing

    Seriously, I just googled that it means it's the acceleration of the graphics card? Can someone help?
  12. imsobored

    Random Freezing

    Im sorry but what is that? Lol, and how do I make it work?
  13. imsobored

    Random Freezing

    Ok guys, so my system has been stable for the most part since installing, everything works. Including imessage and icloud. For some reason though, I've been getting random freezes during watching youtube, browsing the web, or even just listening to itunes. Looked in the console today, and this crazy code was there around the time it froze. http://pastebin.com/a310Bkw4 Can someone help me out? Thanks! Specs: 5820k Gigabye x99 ud3 Motherboard Asus DirectIICU Top R9 270x 2gb Video Card
  14. imsobored

    5820k Asus X99-A help!

    Thanks guys, we got it up and running. Turns out it was the XFX 280x ROM that isn't supported by MAC OSX. Future reference to anyone looking to buy XFX card for a Hack...DONT! I repeat, do not do it unless you're willing to flash the Vbios on the card. Friend went to go buy a cheap Asus R5 230 for the time being and it ran up just fine. Thanks everyone!