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  1. Sigmatel STAC9271D on an Intel DP35DP mobo

    I have just opened my chassis to notice that the front audio cable heats abnormally so, when I disconnected the whole front panel I found out the connector is completely burnt and immediately after I disconnected this element, audio went back. I am pretty sure the connection was right but I can't tell now since I pulled the cable too fast. So I am still not sure this was a matter of a bad connection or something related to the front audio driver. Have you guys got front audio working? I haven't, so if you do this may indicate a bad connection if not probably this would eventually happen anyway.
  2. Sigmatel STAC9271D on an Intel DP35DP mobo

    I would say sigmatel cards and osx86 is an unreliable mix. Even if you get this card to work sooner or later your card is going to blow, I't has happened with 2 different mobos D945GNTLR (sigmatel 9223) and this one. It happens both cards have the same architecture. I must say I make pretty heavy use of my pc (I keep it on for almost weeks) so if your use is light you may not notice this soon. This is not a voltage peak issue since I have peak suppressors and a voltage corrector it happens just the same. I'm going for another mobo or maybe the same but running with ubuntu.
  3. Semi-Official Intel DP35DP board thread

    Have you managed to succesfully install Leopard on this MOBO? I am running Leopard 10.5.2 (kalyway) with chameleon using the DFE 132 files on the ISO I found on http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=114834. I managed to install 10.5.6 update (combo) and before restart I reinstalled chameleon with the correct drivers. Voila 10.5.6 running just fine. There's just one little turn down: my hard drive appears as external (I tried check repair but no good)
  4. My system doesn't seems to find AppleIntelCPUPowerManahement.kext anymore after the update, still I am hanging at the white screen (-v shows no kernel panic). I booted single user on text mode and tried to look for this kext but no luck ... Thanks for your suggestions Update I finally managed to get things working, here's what I did - I found the right DFE 132 ISO for this mobo and burt it - Set my drive configuration to AHCI in the BIOS setup - Booted DFE and swap the disk with kalyway to boot the installer - Installed OS X... - Again booted with DFE CD and set my account - Installed apple 10.5.6 combo update (Turned off sleep as it hangs up here and spoils everything) - Force quitted installer (to avoid reboot) - Installed chameleon with the kexts included in my DFE 132 CD - Used diskutil list, fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX, f Y to set my active partition (X and Y being numbers I got from my diskutil list) w, then q, etc... - Rebooted, (DFE 132 is now on my HD) used the flags -f -v - Installed the 82566MM package, DP35 audio kexts and nvidia 9400gt kexts - rebooted with -f -v flags Some issues : - My HD is recognized as external and every time I try to change active partition to my file system I get a message about not being able to write the bootstrap, so MBR stays unchanged, still it seems to boot. - Sometimes when not using -f -v I get a warning about kext file Intel82566MM.kext not being properly installed and become useless. Everything else just seems fine --One more thing, it seems I am unable to shut down my system, it does but immediately it would restart.. huh
  5. I'm not sure this is the right thread for you, since you don't need to use efi patch -as a matter of fact it won't work-, but I am using D945G and got my Leopard running using ToH RC2 DVD (remember running /usr/misc/script.sh to actually boot from your hd), patched my AppleHDA with Taruga and right codec dump, network running a little unstable (sometimes I need to reboot with -f) adding 0x27dc8086 to AppleIntel8255x kext. Though, I'm beginning to think there's no possible way I can patch original vanilla kernel for my board/processor. Besides from that and my keyboard not working after sleep, everything working ok.
  6. I installed pc_efi_v52 on a Pentium D but as soon as I tried to use vanilla kernel I went stuck in the endless reboot issue, you think this CPU will definitely not be reliable with this patch or am I doing something wrong. I ve already enabled all the options in my MOBO: HPET, MAX CPUID, XD, but no change. Do you think this issue may be solved later on further releases? Everything else working fine 10.5.1, sound, nvida 7300GT, network, Toh 9.10 kernel...
  7. How about installing bios updates to the mobo, I used to have the same trouble booting a D945GNTLR until i updated the BIOS. As a matter of fact I am trying to build a new system and I am hoping to fit a core 2 quad into a nice micro ATX (I don't like ATX chasis available in mexico and nice ones would cost as much as the motherboard). This card looks nice with al the DDR3 and HD audio, etc. but if it doesn't work I am going for the badaxe2
  8. 945G Chipset working

    Hi everybody I finaly upgraded my hackintosh to 10.4.10 and everything seems to work fine, except for the shut down which keeps hanging after next boot. Except for that everything ok. Audio working with ApplHDApatcher v1.16 and using the right dump for sigmatel 9223 (follow the thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...859&hl=d945 ). Audio is coming from the right jacks. I have to say that I upgraded my kernel to 8.8.1 or higher. Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT is working fine with titan. Networking working good as explained back in this thread. Applications are running ok to: Adobe CS3 web designer, I had to update AppleSMBIOS.kext. iWork 08 and ILife 08 running good. Toast 8 ok Office 2004 working fine The only thing not working is the Shut down issue. My system: Intel D945GNTLR MB 2.5 GB DDR2 XFX GeForce 7300 GT 256 DDR2 Seagate Barracuda 80 GB SATA Lite On IDE DVD ±R DL
  9. I've just installed koolkal 10.4.9 upgrade over a 10.4.8 installation and it messed it all up, when I start my computer with verbose mode it keeps throwing coreservices errors, till I get bored and shut it down, and when I booth on non verbose mode she gives me a shutdown screen right afterwards and hangs there... Any ideas for recovery?
  10. 10.4.9 Update - Common Questions and Answers

    I've just installed koolkal with default options (kernel upgrade) on my 10.4.8 installation and it just messed all up. OS X tries to booth but gives me a shutdown/restart screen and hangs there, when I use verbose mode it keeps throwing core services errors, any idea of whats going on? My 10.4.8 installation is really dead isnt it?
  11. How to kextload a modified driver

    Anybody knows about a working kext for onboard sound on dell dimension 3100, I am not using sigmatel, I can only see 3 conections on back of my dell, I think they are one line in, one speakers output and one mic input, suggestions not involving getting a mac pro...? Thanks
  12. Hi guys u rule i finally got sound (still from the line in) but sound anyways. Would like to try your version of the kext, can u send it to me to erml80@hotmail? Thanx dude!
  13. 945G Chipset working

    I used your kext on my 10.4.3 but it hasn't worked, maybe when I get my 10.4.5 but I still have doubts about it. Thanks anyway
  14. 945G Chipset working

    So... Any news about the sigmatel 9223?? I guess it still doesn't work, does it?
  15. the new 10.4.3 MaxxussAntiTPM_10 patch

    Thanks for the help I finally got it, I was having problems with my old BIOS so I couldn't start 8F1111 Installation, now I would like to know if I can connect ps2 keyboard. Thanks again!