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  1. There's whole thread on the other forum about which cards are compatible, I use the intatek KTU3FR-502U, but there are many others described on the thread. edit - just saw jamiethemorris' post. yeah my geekbench jumped up by 2,500 after turning off intelXHCI. I tried GenericUSBXHCI kext, but it was pretty buggy for me, it was easier for me to turn off intelXHCI
  2. Hey nightflyer, I had to turn off IntelXHCI in BIOS in order to get the 5960x to step down during idle. Flip side is that I lose all USB ports except two on the back, which I can get back by adding an aftermarket USB 3 PCIe card (although I don't really need the USB ports anyways). Turns out something in the IntelXHCI is causing a massive amount of interrupts (something like 200,000 a second) which you can observe with the powermetrics command in terminal. These interrupts keep the CPU from idling down. It's not speedstep in that the Vcore doesn't step down, but it defintely helps in terms of temps and power consumption. You can install genericxhci kext to get back the USB ports after turning off intelXHCI in BIOS, but this was too buggy/laggy on my system, and it was easier to live without the USB ports or use the USB PCIe card. HTHs!
  3. djseban or okrasit - Would you mind briefly explaining how to modify the AMD8000Controller kext? I've looked into the info.plist, but don't see a PP_MclkActivityTarget parameter to change. Thanks!
  4. Here's the Darwin Dumper output, hopefully between Balamut's 5930k and my 5960x build on the Asus X99-E WS pike can find something to solve! 5960x X99-E WS DarwinDumper.zip
  5. stinga11, Thanks for the AppleHDAkext, finally got audio working on my X99 build!
  6. Here's the ACPI tables from my 5960x on Asus X99-E WS 5960x Asus X99-E WS.zip
  7. I'm running the 5960x on the X99-E WS. Tell me how to dump the files (F4 in Clover?) and if Balamut has the 5930K, maybe that can get pike started
  8. golfleep

    M.2 native wireless/bt card options?

    I used the same kexts for bluetooth, as well as the Broadcom Fake PCIID, and the four kext patches in Clover. Works without any conflicts or problems under Clover and 10.10.5
  9. golfleep

    M.2 native wireless/bt card options?

    The m.2 wifi/bt cards that use the broadcom 95432 chipset work well, although not OOB. I have a Dell DW1560 card which I use in one of my hacks. Like you, I originially purchase to use in a gigabyte board that had an onboard m.2 wifi slot. I ended up going with another board, but had already purchased the card directly from Dell, so I put it to use via a m.2 to PCIe adapter. The m.2 broadcom cards will work fine if you follow the same instructions as on the PCIe half mini thread.
  10. I saw on Pike R. Alpha's blog that several people have reached out to him for help on getting 10.11 to run on a 5960x build (see the comments sections for the latest two posts on his blog for the requests). He responded that he needed some data, specifically it sounds like he wants to compare the ACPI tables for the 5930 and 5960 on the same motherboard. I have a successful 5960x build on a Asus X99-e WS and could extract the ACPI tables if shown how (=DSDT?). Anyone have a 5930 build on the X99-e WS so we can send him a set of data to compare?
  11. Are you using Clover as a boot loader? I have a similar setup, Gigabyte Z97X-UD7 TH with a 4790K, Crucial SSD, and have the same problems with intermittently getting the stop sign. I have a workaround, but have not a found a solution, nor do I know why my workaround works. Basically, if I wait about 3-4 seconds after reaching the Clover screen before selecting a boot drive, I can boot without getting the stop sign. If I select a drive immediately after reaching the Clover screen, I will get the stop sign 50-75% of the time, regardless of whether it's a restart or a cold boot. I initially thought it was because I never configured which hard drive to use in the clover config.plist, but setting a correct value did not change getting the stop sign. Nether did changing the timeout value, etc. I believe it's somewhat hardware related (whether it's the mobo, SSD, RAM), because I have an Asus Z97 hack as well, with the same setup, and never have gotten the stop sign. Be interested to know if just pausing before selecting the boot drive works for you, or if you make any progress.
  12. golfleep

    [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    TheRacerMaster - Thanks for posting your bin patch. Worked perfectly using Clover injection and 10.10.3, with dual Sapphire Vapor X R9 280x's. I have been using the radeon framebuffer without problems for quite some time as well. I cannot detect any performance penalties on various benchmarks. I tried patching various framebuffers (most success with futomaki or aji), but could never get all the ports to work. Under the radeon framebuffer, all ports worked perfectly, the only thing missing was the cosmetic issue under system report, which the bin patch fixed! marcktorius- Using Clover with the GPUs in my system, with ATI injection turned on, the default framebuffer selected by clover is futomaki. I have successfully selected "Radeon" via this method as well, so I can confirm that entering "radeon" does work to select the radeon framebuffer. However, the way I currently have it set up is to simply turn off ATI injection completely. For my GPUs, the radeon frame buffer is used by default by OS X. Maybe try just turning off ATI injection?
  13. golfleep

    3 monitors MSI R9 280X Gaming Edition

    I have dual Sapphire R9 280x's and couldn't get all the ports to work with ATI injection. I tried various frame buffers, including modifying and patching different frame buffers to try and create one that would give me all the ports. Finally what worked was to simply turn off ATI injection completely (I use Clover). Once I did that, all the ports worked fine. I only have a dual monitor setup, so I have not tried three monitors, but it's a simple thing to try and just might work. I did not notice any performance decreases under multiple benchmarks. The only change I could see was that my cards were displayed at AMD Radeon 7xxx in the system report rather than the correct name which was there with ATI injection.
  14. Thanks Slice, appreciate the input and all the hard work you've put into Clover and your other projects. The output to the second monitor as well as DVD player output seem to be the same (as far as I can tell) with or without ATI injection