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  1. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    No there is no way and will never be
  2. Ragazzi, è da un po di tempo che penso di abbandonare windows 7 sulla mia postazione fissa per passare a OSX lion... con l'uscita della iatkos poi è sicuramente tutto piu semplice! In firma ho il mio hardware del fisso! Ho gia installato Leopard (non snow) con successo ci persi una settimana soprattutto con il DSTT ma funzionava bene ed ero in dual boot, io ODIO i dual boot, perche alla fin fine usi sempre lo stesso sistema operativo... 1.Secondo voi, a meno di modifiche ai kext ecc, è abbastanza stabile usare OSX come sistema primario? 2. C'è un modo per far funzionare il 5.1 surround? con le realtek hd? 3. anche con lion devo rimettere il dsdtt? per abilitare lo speedstep? 4. nel caso decidessi di metterlo,come posso vedere che il risparmio energia e la cpu funzionano correttamente? 5. per le ati 9600 pci-e cosa devo installare? sono fermo ai driver per leopard grazie infinite per l'aiuto
  3. ATI Native drivers

    no new for the mobility 3xxx hd?
  4. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    up...no one? please?
  5. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    I remember that when I installed it one time I can use coverflow, and listen to music, but I don't remember if I can use webcam, flash and PS... Do you think that a system without QE/CI is completely unusable?or I can use it for everyday use and some little graphics... I don't pretend to make video editing but just some graphics with PS, writing, webdevelope, music, flash and of course video/musc playback Thanks
  6. ATI Native drivers

    linear burn but onestly, there is any change to make the 3xxx mobility working?
  7. Mobility Radeon - 10.6.6/7 guide for QE/CI - testing 10.7

    I'm interest to in 3400 series
  8. ATI Native drivers

    I dind't understand a thing... these are native kext, and they might work with all ati and some mobility... Of course, no one try on 3400 series and we don't know if they work.... but, what about framebuffer? is this one that enable the QE/CI? so if we can't edit the framebuffer we can't have the QE/CI on 3400 series? I didn0t understand well
  9. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    How can I take the dmesg? Edit the Framebuffer doesn't mean that we could have QE/CI enabled, right?

    Hi... I have the same card...and this post is pretty useless....the reason is clear like the sun if you look well and there is no cospiracy under it LOL You have to get angry with alle the 3400 mobility user that doesn't do anything... We are a small part...so, "famous" developer don't care about this card...and that's right... So...if you want that our card works, take all your friend that use this card and bring them here, maybe friends of your friends knows some good developer that can help... I've already open this topic http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=258401... give it a read... There are too many people that wants kext and don't even help... So... Like you I'm waiting...many old mobility card have our same problem... Linearburn is on the good way for the native kext, but the LVDS screen is the major problem...I'd like to patch the framebuffer but I didn't understand what fb I have to patch....(you can find how to in many topic here)... so...read before open this topic
  11. Mobility Radeon - 10.6.6/7 guide for QE/CI - testing 10.7

    can someone please tell me what framebuffer I have to patch to try on Mobility radeon hd 3450? and than use it with native kext from lion, please? thanks in advance I would like to help the community with this unlucky GC but I don't know how...
  12. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    so the framebuffer patch for the Mobility HD 3xxx doesn't exist?
  13. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    no one?
  14. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    don't worry for you bad english, mine it's the same xD LOL how can I know the framebuffer? So also with native ati kext from linearburn i also have to install a framebuffer...I'd like to help the scene maybe my test can give someone an help to make the 3450 work...
  15. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    Hi to all... I've notice that something in the mobility scene is moving on... user like linearburn and many other are trying to make the mobility radeon working...well the problem is that I didn't understand nothing... xD I have a mobility radeon HD 3450, and I'd like to know if someone has tried some kext and configs that are found here... If not...I would like to test some kext and config, but I don't know how..just to help the scene and because I really dream OSX on my laptop for many years... Thanks in advance