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    12VDC Power for macbook.

    Sorry for the delay replying we have been out sailing. The Cable I have replaces the 240V ac cable for the Toshiba Laptop. IE it plugs into the power supply which then plugs into the laptop. Our mains supply is 240V in Australia. I have used a small inverter before but it is not an efficient way to go, also fan makes too much noise.
  2. After I switched from PC Laptop to Macbook for my boat I found I can't buy a 12V DC power supply. I did find a forum where it was advised to buy a power supply for an aircraft but it specificaly said could not be used in car. The suggested solution was to buy this aircraft supply and cut the mag connector off and solder it to a universal laptop adaptor. I was not too sure about my soldering skills so I thought some more. I then remebered I have a 12v cigarette lighter plug with an adaptor that has a twoo pin socket that plugs into a Toshiba laptop power supply and works fine on my boat. Before I try this with my new macbook does anyone know any reason I shouldn't do this?