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    New Hackintosh with Magma PE6R4-I?

    hey, thanks for your reply. thats the problem though - there are no drivers provided by magma. their website states that it should (there's that word again) work out of the box. but it doesn't and they have no further information on how to troubleshoot this. lukas
  2. hey guys, i've searched through different forums for hours now, but there's no posts on this so i guess i have to start a new topic - hoping you maybe can help me. i have a new hackintosh with the following relevant specs: Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H Haswell i7-4770k i now have to get the following hardware to work: Magma Expansion Chassis PE6R4-I with these cards built in: Digidesign pci HD Accel und HD Core the hackintosh build is solid, running on 10.9.3. everything works fine. i have no protools software at the moment, as we only got PT7 and thats not supported on Mavericks. Upgrading to 8, 9 or 10 is no problem, but i would like to know if its even possible to get the hardware to work before upgrading. i installed everything properly, the hackintosh starts up fine, but neither the expansion chassis nor the two cards show up in the system profiler. i haven't found any information by magma, protools or else about bios settings, kexts or anything i could try. could someone point me in a direction here? would be much appreciated. cheers, lukas