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  1. ok, ill try and get back LAPIC fix? sorry for noob me, dont know where is that You mean in Kernel and kext patches, i have it check already Patch APIC in ACPI i check that, Ill get back with hibernate and sleep problems Loading time is hmmmmm good, but wit lots of still ACPI Error Method parse.execution failed [\SB.BAT0.UPBS node fffff blah blah Maybe its has to be that way Ok, UBPS was battery, i fixed that, one and only error i have is Super IODevice Fatal found unsuported chip ITE sequence. Winbound sequence I think its Sensor for cpu fan. Thanx again for all your hard work, my Laptop is live and vivid now.. I wish i can buy u a beer Cheers
  2. Is it my procesor working full, i read it somewhere that arrandale i3 330m must work as single core (cpus=1) dont know is that so on High sierra, i dont use that boot flag cpus Send me miksas-iMac.zip
  3. Hey MaLd0n !!! I finally updated to 10.13.3. And my laptop come to life.... Thanx to you I dont have random freezing in system, after log in everything goes smoothly. Only thing i have now is wake from sleep or hibernate. I need to do hard reset, by pressing power button, i noticed that my keyboard doesnt work also on that black screen. Also when im booting i have lots of ACPI Error Method parse.execution failed [\SB.BAT0.UPBS node fffff blah blah That UBPS is killing me, also Method parse.execution failed [\CPUT If you know whats the problem, please share it with me. Thank you
  4. Wierd problem, system wont mount any usb, or efi, or even installer. Backing to my old DSDT and i get back to you Thanx, booting is lot of faster, even i dont have ssd disk. Starting to think that i have some weird issue just because of distro. Im using Niresh now. Tried with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and 10.13.3 and after instalation i cant boot. restart after few second. i cant even read whats the problem because text is scrolling so fast. and yes i did put apfs in driver folder So my question to you, what will work with my dsdt when i reinstall high sierra
  5. ok tried, noticed a lot ACPI Error method parse/execution failed CPUT I think the booting time is the same, still have huge loading time, after log on. Thanks for trying with me
  6. Thanx gonna try it in few min, just out of curiosity, what you have fixed? You saw that i had looooot of work
  7. Hello I have an HP laptop model G72-130eg https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-g72-100-notebook-pc-series/4078813/model/4171562/document/c02079107 I installed High Sierra on him. I have a lot of trouble with graphics. Becose i have 5430m ati. I work and success. First I used Amdframebufferutiliy picked up Hoolock FB and put in Clover Made a correction in AMD5000Controller.kext. replaced under Cedar 0x68e01002 with my 0x68e11002. Inject ati, load vbios, patch vbios. Got black screen. Put Framebuffer "Cedar" which is odd, becose its just a familly name, and got full qe/ci on hdmi output. after a while i change a smbios to MacbookAir6,2 becose i wanted a night shift to try. and got full qe/ci on all my screen. Copied config.plist, reinstall High Sierra. And since im newbie in this i need help. First i know that this is a junk notebook for today standards, but i love him. i want to use him as hackintosh only for movies, and browsing. My problems are Booting is slow as hell (2-3 min) i dont have ssd on him but this is just to much I have "lag" in Clover boot menu (if i need to change something, i need to do it fast, or it will just stuck when i press ESC to return) when i log in need some time to load menubar etc. 1-2 minutes when i copy files its so slow With my modest knowledge i thing its problem with unrecognized chipset Its intel Arrandale i3 330m and intel chipset. So if you can guys help me to get my "old lady" works as it should Thanx in advance from Serbia miksa’s iMac.zip config.plist.zip origin.zip Send me miksas-iMac.zip
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    HELP TOPIC - [AMD] OS X El Capitan (10.11)

    Thank you, ill try it tomorrow
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    HELP TOPIC - [AMD] OS X El Capitan (10.11)

    I created latest clover on a flash drive, with 10.11.2 , copied kernel R2 on a root of the flash, Bios is setted up for Hackintosh, since I'm already using Yosemite. Restarted, choose boot from flash, select USB Installer, boot verbose, and only got "_" on a top left on the screen. What I'm doing wrong? tried with various of boot flags like npci=0x2000, rootless=0 or 1 ...... Every time is the same, nothing happends... I know that stupid questions are borred to you guys, but I asking someone to help me start El Cappy.... maybe where to put Kernel, some boot flags, and staf like that Thanx everyone for helping me in advance here are my spec Phenom2 960t, ati 6850, 8 gb ram, and legacy bios