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  1. github.com does not guarantee ping responses anywhere. For reasons of website complexity and security, using ping to detect availability is out of place, which means that even with the correct ping response, it does not mean that the web service is normal.
  2. Yay! Well done! Really fulfilled my wish, accidentally solved my problem. This version of the driver works fine on my laptop, and I tested it against the list you provided. every one passed. The attachment is a log of the startup process and the process of plug and unplug cable three times. There is a small detail, that is, plug the cable for the first time after boot, there will be a chance to Auto-negotiation in 10M full-duplex state. thanks again! bootlog1.zip
  3. Oh yeah, that's a good news, and I hope my problem will be repaired accidentally in this update.
  4. @Mieze I tried to trace the process of plug and unplugged cable and found that 'Cable Unplugged' is caused by the following code: IntelMausiEthernet.cpp .... bool IntelMausi::checkForDeadlock() { . . . if ((txDescDoneCount == txDescDoneLast) && (txNumFreeDesc < kNumTxDesc)) { // <====This condition if (++deadlockWarn >= kTxDeadlockTreshhold) { mbuf_t m = txBufArray[txDirtyIndex].mbuf; UInt32 pktSize; UInt16 i, index; UInt16 stalledIndex = txDirtyIndex; //UInt8 data; . . . So I commented above code, the status of the interface is no longer toggle between 'Cable Unplugged' and 'Not Connected', but still can not send / receive data. It seems that the bottom cause is that the "initialization" process triggered by the plug of the network cable is not intact? In addition, I found that let the laptop sleep and then wake up when the status of the interface toggle between 'Cable Unplugged' and 'Not Connected', the network will work fine.
  5. @Mieze Thank you for your attention. I have checked the BIOS settings, the relevant options only "wake on lan" and "lan/wan switch", and are disabled. I installed windows 10, kali linux, centos linux, freebsd with this laptop, the NIC works fine. I guess the problem is handle of the cable plug state, Can you make a tool to debug and log data? I will be a dedicated tester. I hope my poor English can express my wishes correctly.
  6. The problem I encountered is the same as yours, the difference is my laptop is HP820G4, and the driver is v2.3.0Mieze also helpless...
  7. @Mieze Oh, that's a bad news. I think the process of loading the driver should be normal. Could the NIC cable plug / unplug the trigger event that is not handled correctly? Is there a tool or method can be used for debugging and then to collect some useful data? And, if I do not load the NIC driver, the NIC led light is always lit with cable plugged(after OS boot), rather than on for a while, off for a while.
  8. @Mieze: Thank you for your attention, May I ask what information can I provide in depth? Such as log or screenshots?
  9. @Mieze: Thanks for your reply. The attachment is the log files I collected. In the package, kernel-1.log is with cable plugged, and kernel-2.log is with cable unplugged. kernellog.zip
  10. Hello: I was having some problems when I used this driver for my laptop. When I plug in the network cable, the network state has been "not connected" and "cable unplugged" cycle switch, but if I plugged cable first, then boot into the OS will not have this problem. NIC in Windows10 environment everything is normal. Will change how to solve? laptop model is HP Elitebook 820 G4, and the NIC is i219v2. The OS is 10.12.6, the NIC driver is the latest version.