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  1. It's an AR8132, internal Ethernet. Tested it today, it seems that there's some dnssd functionality working, but as before it don't work too good, It shows with Bonjour Browser that's is broadcasting a list of services, like Itunes shared music, connects and worked fine, but things like detecting the computer from a Macbook seems to be broken, it's like some services are lost on connection, to be honest I don't know. Shutting down and up the dnssd service broke all the functionality. Looking at the logs this came: 08-10-12 20:30:49,062 Bonjour Browser: service search error: -72000 08-10-12 20:30:49,062 Bonjour Browser: dnssd_clientstub read_all(13) failed 0/28 0 08-10-12 20:30:49,063 Bonjour Browser: service search error: -72000 08-10-12 20:30:49,000 kernel: [AtherosL1cEthernet] Multicast list set to: [1:0:5e:0:0:1] [33:33:0:0:0:fb] [33:33:65:d0:d7:1e] [33:33:0:0:0:1] [33:33:ff:c4:ee:49] 08-10-12 20:30:51,000 kernel: [AtherosL1cEthernet] Multicast list set to: [1:0:5e:0:0:1] [33:33:65:d0:d7:1e] [33:33:0:0:0:1] [33:33:ff:c4:ee:49] 08-10-12 20:30:52,599 sudo: ******* : TTY=ttys000 ; PWD=/Users/***** ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.mDNSResponder.plist 08-10-12 20:30:52,658 mDNSResponder: mDNSResponder mDNSResponder-320.16 (Jul 19 2012 21:07:07) starting OSXVers 11 08-10-12 20:30:52,707 mDNSResponder: D2D_IPC: Loaded 08-10-12 20:30:52,710 iTunes: dnssd_clientstub write_all(9) failed -1/54 32 Broken pipe 08-10-12 20:30:52,710 iTunes: dnssd_clientstub write_all(9) failed -1/28 32 Broken pipe 08-10-12 20:30:52,000 kernel: [AtherosL1cEthernet] Multicast list set to: [33:33:0:0:0:fb] [1:0:5e:0:0:1] [33:33:65:d0:d7:1e] [33:33:0:0:0:1] [33:33:ff:c4:ee:49] 08-10-12 20:30:52,000 kernel: [AtherosL1cEthernet] Multicast list set to: [1:0:5e:0:0:fb] [33:33:0:0:0:fb] [1:0:5e:0:0:1] [33:33:65:d0:d7:1e] [33:33:0:0:0:1] [33:33:ff:c4:ee:49] 08-10-12 20:30:52,711 applepushserviced: dnssd_clientstub write_all(5) failed -1/65 32 Broken pipe 08-10-12 20:30:52,712 applepushserviced: dnssd_clientstub write_all(5) failed -1/28 32 Broken pipe 08-10-12 20:30:52,712 configd: network configuration changed. 08-10-12 20:30:52,712 mDNSResponder: D2DInitialize succeeded 08-10-12 20:30:52,719 configd: network configuration changed. 08-10-12 20:30:57,721 configd: dnssd_clientstub write_all(13) failed -1/66 32 Broken pipe 08-10-12 20:30:57,722 configd: dnssd_clientstub write_all(13) failed -1/28 32 Broken pipe Well, thanks anyway for your help.
  2. Hi, first of all, thanks for your effort to make a better driver. I've just installed 1.1.1 and it works fine. The only problem I'm still facing is the lack of Bonjour functionality, with the previous driver it work partially mainly seeing other computers, but not broadcasting to other Macs, now it seems that it's not working at all, are this working for you? Thanks.
  3. Hola a todos, tengo un hackintosh con una radeon x1600, cuando trato de ver videos a pantalla completa con Quicktime los videos se ven como lentos y como más pixelados, como si no estuvieran con el filtrado de textura. Tengo instalado Leopard con QE y CI activados, en el Tiger que tenía instalado antes con el mismo hardware funcionaba sin ningún problema. Mi pc tiene una tarjeta chipstet 945, 2gb de ram y una CPU core 2 duo de 2ghz. Alguna sugerencia sobre este problema? Gracias.
  4. pc keyboards on the mac

    I prefer a slow and painly death to using those keyboards, sure there are people that feels ok using it but many of us don't, it's a keyboard that forces you to press the keys the way it wants to and not the natural way. As a solution to Biped, you can buy a keyboard that's actually compatible with MacOS, logitech, microsoft or any other brand. I use a MS natural comfort that works great in osx.
  5. Uh SATA HD's on nforce 590 sli?

    It seems that there's no support for that chipset, just for nforce4 and below. You could get a pata harddisk anyway.
  6. nothing interesting here

    It may be easier record the booting from vmware.
  7. Parallels is that fast not only because it uses VT but beacause it don't emulate hardware, virtualization, instead of iemula...(Q) that emulates a x86 cpu. It seems that there's interest in porting the kqemu virtualization module to osx so this can change in time.
  8. nothing interesting here

    In what type of machine does this kernel run? Core (2) duo or something? what are the requierements. It is usable?
  9. need help with a widget design

    For sure it needs more polishing. in both the interface composition and the icons and background. I think that these icons should have contrast against the background, look at itunes, there's no glow, all the details are clean. The lower part, seems very unconnected with the "player" section, you should take a look about it. At the first try mimic the professional and probed interfaces of Osx, then adapt it to the needs of your widget.
  10. Photoshop Question

    Ok, I get it, you made everything with the poofing enabled. Big problem. Maybe a quickier but dirty solution is to take a screenshot of the final document in photoshop to maintain these color levels, and reapply the guides or slices that you might have been applied. The levels solution is like applying brightness and contrast but with more variables (high- mid - low tones). Is way more subjetive solution, requieres some basic understanding about how works levels.
  11. Photoshop Question

    The proof is just a preview, it don't change the color mode of the output file. Your problem maybe is that you converted the image to CMYK mode (a permanent change), or that the default color profile don't match with your photoshop profile, hence the diferent color visualization. In this late case you can adjust photoshop or your computer to match the profiles, or adjust the levels in photoshop to make the image look more like the original file.
  12. N64 Emulator for OSX / Emulator News.

    Any news on the PSX emulator? Thanks.
  13. Can't get OSX to load

    I have tried to load the kext but without success. I think maybe because i don't have a sata drive, just trying to load the kext for a "what-if" motivation. Do you managed to get it to work? maybe adding the others channels pci-ids is a solution. The usb ports problem is strange, i thought it was a motherboard problem but both my usb mouse and keyboard are good quality hardware and works fine in windows. Strange.
  14. Can't get OSX to load

    Hi, I have the same motherboard with osx installed just fine, only one problem, at the reboot the usb seems to be locked and I have to shutdown the power supply to make it work to avoid a "no keyboard connected" error at boot. Do yoy have this same problem? Thanks.
  15. Universal Requests?

    A litlle of Inkscape would be fine untill illustrator gets universal B.